Keys to Non-Profit Success


Mark Pilon

When was the last time a child ran into your workplace, hugged you tight, and told you he loved you?

It’s a quick but precious moment. One that doesn’t often happen in an office environment.

But non-profit wunderkind Mark Pilon gets that kind of love and gratitude on a regular basis. Helping others is his passion, one that’s built a notably successful career heading up organizations like Make-A-Wish and the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Los Angeles in California.

He credits his enthusiasm for charity and non-profit work to his early family life in rural Ohio. His mother, in particular, consistently modeled service to others. Following her example, Mark and his family might help a neighboring family with their farm work on one day. On another day, they might invite local kids over for dinner if they were experiencing tough times at home.

As a youth, Pilon volunteered regularly in his community, even while he was studying business administration and medical radiology in Athens, Georgia. After school, he took his business and people skills with him to California. There he worked in the for-profit sector in private club hospitality management and in real estate marketing and design.

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