Fame, Adversity and the Will to Overcome


Kevin Sorbo

A New Man is Born

Sometimes life will present you with what might seem like insurmountable challenges, but its really a test of your faith. How are you going to handle adversities?

After riding a huge wave of success for many years as the famed hero of “Hercules – the Legendary Journeys” and a host of other film and television roles, Kevin Sorbo suddenly experienced a health crisis that left him partially blind and incapacitated at the age of 38.

The very same person who portrayed the role of someone who was invincible, now had to fight for his life and find the strength from within to make it through each day.

“I was fortunate on the one hand that I didn’t die, but to have three of the strokes hit my brain—two went to my balance and one went to my vision. It took me almost three to four years of fighting back, and I experienced numerous emotions—panic, anxiety attacks, insecurity, shame, frustration, and anger. What helped me was having my wife on my side telling me, ‘You’ve got to get past this. This has happened to you. How are you going to deal with it now?’”

I said, “I’m not going to let this thing beat me,” and, hence the title of my book True Strength. It was all about fighting those obstacles that get thrown into all of our lives. If I’ve learned anything, it is that everybody has a story.

There are lessons to be learned in every life experience if we choose to recognize them. Sometimes when we are faced with catastrophic circumstances, we are forced to find out what we are truly made of. It is from these experiences that we often find a new purpose in life.

Sorbo’s life has been transformed since experiencing such a devastating health crisis. He’s still enjoying success in Hollywood, but he’s also sharing his story through his book: True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal—and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life.

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