Growing up the Ziglar Way

Julie Ziglar Norman

Julie Ziglar

The Blessings and Struggles

She’s shared the stage with powerful leaders and well known individuals such as General Colin Powell, President George W. Bush, Steve Forbes, Joe Montana, Bill Cosby and many others. But most importantly, as the youngest daughter of America’s Motivator, Julie Ziglar Norman has often shared the stage with her famous father and motivational icon, Zig Ziglar.

Today as an electrifying speaker, Norman is inspiring audiences around the country by sharing her life’s story, her experiences with her dad and what it was like growing up the Ziglar Way.

Zig Ziglar built his business empire based upon principles of faith, integrity, honesty, and of course, God’s word. He applied those same principles as a foundation for raising his family. He inspired millions of people around the world to live purposeful lives.

Just as it may be in many families, children don’t always adhere to the teachings of their parents. “I was not influenced by those principles until I was more into my adulthood and I made a lot of really bad choices based on my own power,” says Norman.

Norman was her father’s personal editor for almost 20 years, and as a result, she had the chance to know his most personal thoughts about himself and his family before they ever became known to the public. It is an experience she has treasured since the very beginning, and it has given her a perspective on life that that keeps her motivated.

As a speaker and author, Norman is determined to carry on her father’s legacy of encouraging the next generation to live purposeful lives.

Norman is an extraordinary speaker and author and life-changer. She shared some of her personal failures and triumphs with Monica and how growing up the Ziglar Way has impacted her life. She openly talked about the importance of making the right decisions and how not doing so can impact your life, as well as the lives of those around you.

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