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Jeffrey Sanfilippo
CEO, John B. Sanfilippo, Inc.

Since 1922 John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. (JBSS), has continuously built its success on hard work, ingenuity and sound principles.

As the CEO of John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. (JBSS), Jeffrey Sanfilippo believes in delivering excellent products and customer service. They are the parent company and processors of the Fisher Nut Brand. It all began with the great entrepreneurial spirit of his grandfather and great grandfather.

When it comes to nuts, one might say they’re nuts. That’s because JBSS is one of the top nut processing companies in America. Who’s at the helm of such nutty perfection? CEO Jeffrey Sanfilippo. In 1963, his father took over the business and in 2006, he began serving as CEO after his father’s retirement. For many years, JBSS was a family-owned business until it went public in 1991.

As CEO, Sanfilippo and his team continue to develop innovative methods to enhance processes as well as the quality of the products. Fisher Nuts can be found in grocery stores around the country. They are used in food preparations by restaurants and chefs and bakers nationwide.

From smarter snacking, to better baking and great cooking, Fisher Nuts is the choice of millions of consumers and customers.

Sanfilippo candidly shared with Monica how JBBS has become one of the top companies in the industry, and how he is inspiring his employees to become visionaries for the company to enable them to consistently deliver quality and develop new ways of serving customers.

He also shared lessons and secrets on how business owners and corporate CEOs can consistently differentiate their business from their competitors and become a leader in their niche, as well as the importance of understanding value proposition and having good business systems in place.

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