Jeanniey Mullen

From Substitute Teacher to Global Marketing Guru

by Exceptional Magazine

From Substitute Teacher to Global Marketing Guru

Jeanniey Mullen would have been one of those grade school teachers that you never forgot. She’s kind, bright, energetic, and has a disarmingly down-to-earth manner. And forget enthusiasm. Hers is so infectious that even the sullenest of students would have been inspired to sit straight and stop doodling.

But what’s most astonishing about the new Global Chief Marketing Officer for Mercer, a world leader in talent, health, retirement, and investment consulting, is her generosity of spirit. Mullen shares her voluminous knowledge of digital marketing the same way your favorite teacher helped you solve a tricky algebra problem: She’s not keeping any secrets.

That’s because her mission is to unleash the potential of everyone she works with. She’s interested in everything and everyone – particularly the creative ideas that no one else asks about. So, it’s no wonder she credits much of her success to her early passion and training as a teacher.

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