A Life-Long Journey of Determination, Passion and Fulfillment

Janis Kearney and Bill Clinton

Janis Kearney

From the cotton fields to the White House, Janis Kearney has blazed a remarkable trail that most could only imagine.

Faith without works is dead. In this family 19 siblings, they all had faith that life would change for the better. They also understood the power of hard work and taking action that would lead to change.

As a young child Kearney was a dreamer, and she never stopped believing in her ability to become someone who could live a life that would have a profound impact upon others. Is it possible? It absolutely is possible and it became Kearney’s reality. She didn’t allow the limits that others tried to place on her become her reality.

The limits that others attempt to place on you are their opinions of your capabilities. It is up to you to excel and prove them wrong.

Motivational speaker Les Brown once said, “Someone’s opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality.”

Life wasn’t easy growing up in the Kearney household, but she understood the value of education, dreaming big and becoming an actionaire – just a few of the values that her parents instilled in all 19 siblings. Today, Kearney is an exceptional writer who is having an amazing impact on lives around the world.

Kearney candidly spoke about her life experiences as a child, how she went from picking and chopping cotton with her siblings, to become the first presidential diarist in U.S. history, chronicling President Clinton’s day-to-day life. She also discusses other exciting experiences surrounding her rewarding writing career.

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