Issue Preview: May-June 2013

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Michael Johnson:
A True Champion On and Off the Field

Just as it is in other areas of life, the game of football requires you to develop the right skills, talents and mindset so that you increase your odds of achieving success and overcoming the challenges you will most undoubtedly encounter. As the Defensive End for the Cincinnati Bengals, Michael Johnson understands the value of preparation, planning and developing a positive outlook on life.

He’s not only a champion on the field, but he’s also a champion for thousands of young kids. As the founder of the MJ93 Foundation Johnson is positively impacting the lives of young children through mentoring, football camps, workshops and other partnerships and activities that encourages them to dream big and never give up.

Dr. James W. O’Neil and Richard Tirendi:
A Fusion of Humanity and Technology

Dr. O’Neil is the co-founder of VisionQuest 20/20 and EyeSpy 20/20, a new eye technology he co-founded with his partner Richard Tirendi. Together they have developed next generation technology that is on the verge of replacing the 150 year method of vision testing.

Richard Tirendi is the CEO and co-founder of VisionQuest 20/20. He is also an electrical and computer engineer and technology whiz who early on in his career enjoyed working in the semiconductor industry at IBM. He developed proprietary software systems that optimized various sensitive processes in the manufacturing of computer chips. After 14 years of working in the industry, Tirendi changed directions and formed a successful technology company with several engineers and subsequently sold the company.

Who would have thought when their paths crossed, that an innovative explosion was waiting to happen?

What followed was an incredible series of conversations between two brilliant men whose desire to change the lives of children and families across the country has become a reality after ten long years of research, development and testing. Together they have become a powerful duo in the fight against childhood vision problems.

Business and empowerment articles included in this issue!

  • 5 Vital Steps to Transform Prospects Into Clients
  • Business Networking: How to Create a Stellar Thirty Second Pitch
  • Five Money-saving Ideas for Your Small Business
  • 8 Strategies for Overcoming Workplace Stress
  • Strategies for Improving Your Mutual Fund Returns
  • Love and Marriage: Do They Really Go Together?
  • And much more

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