Issue Preview: March-April 2013

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Kevin Sorbo: Fame, Adversity and the Will to Overcome: A New Man is Born

Sometimes life will present you with what might seem like insurmountable challenges, but it’s really a test of your faith. How are you going to handle adversities? After riding a huge wave of success for many years as the famed hero of “Hercules – the Legendary Journeys” and a host of other film and television roles, Kevin Sorbo suddenly experienced a health crisis that left him partially blind and incapacitated at the age of 38. The very same person who portrayed the role of someone who was invincible, now had to fight for his life and find the strength from within to make it through each day.

Find out how Sorbo’s life has been transformed since experiencing such a devastating health crisis.

Derrick Boles:
A Gentle Giant Stands Up for America

As a young child, Derrick Boles was raised in a single family household without a father, just as many young black children were then and are today. Boles explains, “Because of my low social economic background and educational history, my future was supposedly destined and projected for me to either end up incarcerated or deceased at a very early age.”

Despite society’s pessimistic view and the bleak statistics that indicate such children will never amount to anything, Boles overcame many adversities and eventually stepped outside of the box in which society had placed him.

You’ll learn how Boles is getting people around the country to join him in standing up and changing America.

Business and empowerment articles included in this issue!

  • 10 Tips to Go From Stuck to Unstoppable
  • Help! People are Unsubscribing From my List – What am I Doing Wrong?
  • Becoming Irresistible in the Workplace and Job Market
  • How to Choose the Best Professional Advisors
  • And much more

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