Improving Health Through Meditation


When most people think of meditation, the image of a monk participating in a religious experience is often the one that comes to mind. But truthfully, anyone can learn to practice meditation, and it can have a positive impact on mental functioning as well as general well-being.

Not only has the practice of meditation been shown to decrease levels of stress, but it can also aid in the management of conditions, including high blood pressure. Achieving the calm and peace of regular meditation practice can open you up to possibilities in life you never imagined and enable you to make healthier choices for yourself.

An Explanation of Meditation

Meditation is a method that helps clear the mind. You’ll find it simpler to achieve this state the more you practice meditation.

You don’t have to meditate in the lotus position as some individuals choose to. You may find that another seated position works better and is more comfortable for you, but the most important thing to remember is to maintain good posture. You can find yourself getting sleepy if you don’t hold yourself upright.

To begin, just find a spot that’s quiet and make yourself comfortable. After that, begin inhaling and exhaling deeply. Focus on your breathing. Along with their deep breathing, most people repeat their own special mantras. The goal is clearing your mind of thoughts and ideas.

However, thoughts are always there. When you experience one, the best thing to do is simply acknowledge its presence, then return your focus to your breathing, once again clearing your mind. It will become easier when you practice more often.

Let Go of Stress

Emptying your mind and following your breaths bring you fully into the here and now. Stress, however, usually comes from dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

A clear mind grounded in the present moment causes a minimum of stress, enabling you to exude an air of calm and peace. This release of stress carries over into your daily life when you do this regularly.

Stress and Its Effects on the Body — Being under stress is like shifting your body into high gear. When overwhelmed, it is susceptible to illness and disease. Stress does serve a purpose: the elevated heart rate, increased rate of breathing, and sudden hormonal rush of adrenalin are necessary to escape from dangerous situations. It’s all about the ways you deal with the threats.

You maintain stress in your mind and body whenever you’re focused on things that might stress you in the future or that have stressed you in the past, so you’re always upset even when there’s nothing to be upset about. This demonstrates the importance of allowing your body to have a break from the constant stress. Regular and frequent meditation practice provides the body with a sufficient amount of both energy and rest to avoid exhaustion and fend off disease.

Health Benefits

Alleviating stress can lead to many improvements in your overall health. You’ll probably find that your blood pressure drops and your immune system gets stronger. Mental disorders are another effect of stress, so anxiety and depression can also be kept at bay by living a life free of stress.

During meditation, your body is in a state similar to that of being asleep. While you remain awake, your body can begin to work to repair itself in much the same way it does while you are sleeping. Evening meditation practice can help you transition from a state of wakefulness to one of sleep, while meditating in the morning can help you move from sleeping to being more awake.

Meditation is the best way to exercise both mind and body. Once you’ve tried, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It might be surprising to find out how helpful it can be to “just sit.”


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