Ideas to Keep Your Relationship Strong When You Have Different Schedules


Excellent communication skills are the key to any partnership, and when you have different schedules, it’s hard to keep that communication going. With this situation, going the extra mile to reach out can make a huge difference to your partner.

To preserve a close relationship, consider these tips:

1. Discuss conflicts when they come up.
Having opposite schedules can mean that conflicts will grow if you don’t deal with them promptly. While it can be tempting to simply wait for a better time, there may be no such thing as a perfect moment.

You may not wish to use your valuable time together talking about disagreements, but it may become a larger issue if you don’t. Talk over the phone if you’re unable to speak in person.

2. Place the focus on quality time.
Make whatever time you have together mean something. Talk about your thoughts, and engage in those things that make both of you happy. Don’t waste time by talking about small things or the bills that need paying.

3. Share the chores.
It can be difficult to assign responsibilities around the house when both of you lead busy lives. Think beforehand about how to share the chores. By sticking to a prearranged schedule, you won’t find yourselves fighting over who didn’t do something.

4. Be of assistance to each other.
Make the extra effort to assist your partner if you have a spare moment. That will demonstrate how much you care. Having opposite schedules can be overwhelming, so every little gesture and positive communication goes a long way.

5. Leave each other little messages of love.
The notes do not have to always be of a romantic or profound nature. Perhaps you can simply tell your partner that you cooked a special dinner for them to look forward to when they come home. What really matters isn’t what you say; it’s that you’re communicating with your partner in one more way even when you aren’t physically there with them.

6. Plan times away together.
When you’ve got some free time, take a moment to plan a vacation for your family. Even if the vacation won’t happen for quite some time, this can be an enjoyable activity. You’ll be able to think of the entire family spending time together without the concern of conflicting schedules.

7. Keep time open for being intimate.
Intimacy can be physical, but it doesn’t have to be. Opposite schedules can wear you out and make it seem like you don’t have a partner so much as just a roommate.

Make sure to remind your partner of your feelings for them. Make the most of the time you have together, even if you don’t have much.

8. Be around for the other person.
Though you can’t be physically present, find a way to support your partner when they’re facing rough times. They may become more dependent on you, and you want them to realize they aren’t alone. Send them text messages or emails whenever you can, and make the time for phone calls as frequently as possible.

Having opposite schedules is a challenge, but it doesn’t necessarily spell trouble for your relationship. You can still have lives that are quite typical and happy. By utilizing these strategies, you can feel close even if you’re kept apart by your different schedules.


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