How to Use the Recession to Make Your Business Profitable


Some people may consider a recession the least optimal time to get a business off the ground. But nothing could be further from the truth! A lot of successful businesses were formed during hard times and succeeded because they used a few critical factors to their advantage.

Put some intelligence and ingenuity into it, and your business can be up and running before you know it. A well-defined business plan can make your start-up work no matter how the economy is doing.
You can use the current recession as a launching pad for a great business venture with these tips:

  1. Establishing a business costs less during a recession. There is no cheaper time to get a business going. Many businesses will be offering great deals that wouldn’t be available at other times. Look for reduced advertising rates and specials on supplies, materials, services, etc.
  2. Maximize your advertising opportunities. Not to mention decreased advertising costs, you may discover that your competitors aren’t keeping up. Perhaps they aren’t accounting for new competition, or perhaps their cash flow is tied up so they can’t invest in new advertising. That means you could potentially woo away their customers to your business.
  3. Ensure that your customer service is the best. Great customer service can make all the difference. When it comes to two businesses, with all things being equal, the company with better customer service will always win. It goes without saying that customers want to be treated with respect.
    • Consider the possibility that your competition has reduced their attention to customer service in order to cut costs. That means you can beat them with your own superior service.
  4. Make special deals and bonuses available. The recession has people focusing on the best deals they can find, so they are looking for the businesses that give the best offers. Leave your competitors in the dust when you start your new business by offering an outstanding special offer.
  5. Hire a staff of outstanding employees. The recession may land outstanding potential employees at your door when it comes to hiring. While established companies are downsizing, talented, loyal, skilled, and appreciative people are available to hire.
  6. Be first out of the gate. Getting your business going during a recession puts you ahead of established businesses that are “waiting it out” to start a new business. Once they get their marketing strategy put together, you will have left them far behind.
  7. Watch your spending. There’s nothing like a recession to require you to start up without spending a lot of capital. The recession will assure that you find the most cost-effective and economical ways to run your business.
    • You might start out frugal out of need, but in the end, this is a vital lesson that will enhance your bottom line for the rest of your years in business.

If you can get a business up and flourishing in a recession, imagine what you can pull off when the economy turns around! Don’t wait for a “better” time; get started right now.


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