How to Make Your Dream Job a Reality


It is quite common, at some point in your life, to dream of something much larger and much better when it comes to your career. Even if you have a very easy and comfortable job, you may long to be somewhere else doing something better.

The great news here is that you can go out and turn your dream job into a reality! Regardless of your field of interest, you will be able to create a career around something you love.

If you follow the suggestions we give, you’ll be on the path to a work life that’s more fulfilled:

  1. Think about what makes you happy and what sort of work you really want to be doing. The best way to achieve your dream is by finding something that you already enjoy doing and form a career out of it. By doing this, the “work” doesn’t actually feel like it’s work, as it is something you enjoy doing anyway.
    • The fact that you can earn a living this way is just an extra benefit. It feels great to be paid for doing things you enjoy doing. That is, basically, just what the term “dream job” means.
  2. Set a series of small, incremental goals. It’s possible to feel overwhelmed if you try to take in the big picture. Break the task down into a series of small, measurable steps so that you can progress steadily and with a great deal of success.
    • You’ll feel much more confident in your progress this way. You can feel a deep sense of pride in knowing that a large step has been completed. You will feel proud and confident when you set out to pursue the actual steps that will take you where you want to go.
  3. Don’t worry if you have to start out at the bottom. Regardless of your chosen direction, drudgery will play a part in the process. Consider it a type of initiation rite. Even if you just get an entry level position at the company you’d like to work for, you still get in so that you can gradually get promoted up the ladder.
  4. Get yourself a mentor. If you want to get your dream job, a mentor can be extremely helpful. They teach you both what you should be doing by teaching you the needed skills and serve as your references when you do get your big chance.
    • If it is hard for you to find a good mentor, you might look for an icon or role model instead. An example of this would be following the career path of your favorite actor or actress if you wish to become an entertainer yourself.
  5. Pay no attention to the pessimists. You may find that family and friends criticize your efforts. This may vary depending upon your field of employment. For instance, if your goal is to write a novel or be employed by NASA, you might have to answer questions about your “real” job or have to hear about how hard it is to get this kind of position. Place all of it to the side.
    • Keep in mind that your objective is attainable, although it may require effort to launch oneself into the field. There always are books being published, and a lot of people work at NASA.
    • In instances like this, remember to focus on the end goal. Consider the benefits you will enjoy once you have succeeded. If you want to become a novelist, just think about how excited you will be when you hold a copy of your book in your hand.
  6. Even though a dream job is still distant and difficult to obtain, you can still find the perfect job, even if it does involve writing a bestseller. You can get your dream job if you work hard and follow just a few easy suggestions.


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