How to Help the Long-Term Unemployed


As long-term unemployment rises, many are wondering how they can help those struggling without a job. There are surely effective ways to providing support to your family, friends, and even strangers.

Assisting Your Friends and Family Through Long-Term Unemployment:

  1. Provide emotional support. When the economy is in recession, it can have devastating results for people. Offer your loved ones advice and suggestions to think positive thoughts, eat healthy meals, and go for walks or jogs several times a week. Suggest enjoyable social activities that will assist them in reducing stress and feelings of isolation.
  2. Offer financial help indirectly and creatively. Some folks don’t feel comfortable taking money outright. It is still possible to aid your friend by providing ideas for saving money, such as offering less costly meal recipes or helping to start a vegetable garden. Offer to barter childcare or home maintenance tasks so that they can feel empowered and lower their monthly expenses.
  3. Help them in their search for a new position. Listen to anyone who offers information about potential job openings, and offer to give good references or introduce them to prospective employers. In addition you could help them rehearse interviewing practices or go over their resume with them.
  4. Help them to find inspiration. Lots of folks find encouragement in their religions or in spiritual practices. If you have the same faith background in common make sure they have a ride to church. Diversity is good, so celebrate any advantages they get from the traditions they come from.


Doing Your Part to Reduce Long-Term Unemployment:

  1. Read news stories about any changes in government plans. Remain up-to-date on the economic and social conditions in your local area and around the world. When you know what’s going on, you’ll be ready to do what needs to be done.
  2. As a citizen, support policies that assist those who are out of work. Rather than merely extending unemployment benefits, governments worldwide are attempting to find other options.
    • Invest your money in the kind of job-training programs that equip unemployed people for new jobs or self-employment.
  3. When you’re the employer, look for ways to hire those who are long-term unemployed. Reconsider former policies that don’t make sense anymore. There is no need to disqualify applicants due to employment gaps or bad credit if the problems were the result of the economic crisis instead of irresponsible behavior.
    • Think about hiring older employees, or letting people share work schedules as long as they meet the needs of your company.
  4. As a consumer, seek out opportunities to help others make supplemental income. From garage sales to paid blogging, individuals are finding all sorts of ways to earn quick cash.
    • Check out websites such as Etsy and Craigslist. You may find that you can buy various items you need while you simultaneously help someone else to make money online.
  5. Do volunteer work in the community or on the internet. Community non-profits are facing challenges when it comes to meeting the surging demands so volunteer your time at your local food bank or community garden.
    • See if your church will sponsor a job fair.
    • Write online posts that discuss how to live more frugally or how to find a job within your own field.
  6. Be kind and patient. More than ever, you just never know what financial hardships the stranger next to you is dealing with. Be kinder and more patient to everybody.

Long-term unemployment has grown in recent years, but there are a variety of opportunities to assist others in getting through these harder times. Find ways to encourage those you love and promote a culture in which everybody’s needs can be met.


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