How to End Burnout Before It Begins


Burnout has enormous effects on a person’s emotional and physical health, leading to such problems as fatigue, anxiety, and depression. The tension from burnout can create medical problems, even fatal ones, if you do not find ways to relieve it.

You want to stave off burnout rather than have to cope with it, which means you have to keep alert to the gradual onset of the symptoms. Even uncomplicated adjustments to your routine can help you keep burnout at bay.

Steps you can take to avoid burnout include:

1. Prioritize your work.
We all sometimes fall into the trap of forgetting there is only so much we can do in any given period of time. You can virtually guarantee the eventual feelings of burnout if you always take on too much and put in the hours of a workaholic.

There are two ways to change your workload:

  • The first one is to use time management strategies to be more efficient. This will help you accomplish more in less time.
  • Number two, you can cross things off your list. You have to do this for your emotional and physical welfare even if it isn’t the perfect solution.

2. Don’t get yourself exhausted.
When you remain in tune with your body, you can gain a sense of when you are hitting that point of exhaustion. Put on the brakes and alter your routine when you realize that’s happening. Take a long weekend to travel, go somewhere for the day, or even set aside time for a so-called “staycation.” It’s crucial that you don’t forget to leave the things that cause stress behind. If this equates to having no access to a cell phone or computer, don’t worry about it!

3. Changing is a good thing.
If you are continually reaching the point where you think you’ll burnout, then making a significant life change is in order.

This is the case if your work results in feelings of burnout recurring no matter what you try to do about it. Maybe the moment has come to seek a better job.

4. Give yourself a break.
There are reasons why businesses need to provide breaks to their staff. Breaks are necessary so you can feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and renewed. You need to relax a bit; take a stroll, do a crossword, have a brief nap.

5. Get help for problems.
At times, it may feel like we are the only ones in the world with problems, but consulting with someone may help relieve the stress. You would benefit from some help or even just the friendly ear of your spouse, a friend, or even perhaps a professional.

6. Get good at saying “NO.”
People who agree to do everything are not necessarily the people we mean when we talk about open, accommodating people. Colleagues will dump more and more of their work on you eventually if you always accept it. Understand that the word “no” can serve you very well. Don’t bring additional stress on yourself!

How Long Is Too Long

The bottom line is you really have to become aware of your deepest feelings. When feeling overwhelmed, write down what you have to do in order of priority. Somehow, the other less vital ones will get done by others or will await your attention when you’re free to do them.


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