How to Communicate More Effectively to Your Boss


Excellent communication skills help you deal with many difficult problems that occur in your life. However, there are particular relationships that are deserving of that extra attention, such as the relationship you and your boss have. Your role is completely different from your supervisor’s role, but if you both try to accomplish the tasks with hard work and a positive mindset, you and your supervisor will achieve a sense of fulfillment.

Get To Know Your Boss:

Every career involves business relationships, and one crucial factor involves comprehending the different ways in which colleagues communicate their viewpoints.

Every individual has personal preferences, and each person has specific characteristics and different methods of communication. As soon as you get their personal inclinations, you can use an appropriate manner of speech and method of communication that suits their style of communication.

Understand Your Relationship:

One of the things you must do is to make sure you and your supervisor have an excellent working relationship. Learn more about what he expects and what his particular goals are for the business, this way both of you can be on the same page and working towards the same goal.

Here are suggestions for helping you to have better communication with your supervisor:

  1. Don’t get overly friendly. While a cordial relationship is important, there is a limit. Your boss is not your friend. While at first it may seem like a great idea, it could potentially lead to uneasy situations. Your supervisor may not want to say anything negative to you, or your fellow employees may start to harbor jealous feelings.
  2. Put regular check-ins with your boss on the calendar. Perhaps your boss is, or isn’t, making time to meet with your regularly. Even if this is the case, if you have a need to speak with your supervisor, tell the person that you want to schedule an appointment. This actions will let your supervisor know that you take your business relationship seriously and that you are a dedicated employee.
  3. Sorting through challenges. Ask your boss if you can volunteer some of your time to help solve a difficult issue. Even though you probably do not like the idea because you will be in the limelight, your supervisor will definitely take notice of the fact that you take your job seriously. In doing so you will have the opportunity to truly stand out.
  4. Be tolerant. It is possible that you would not have arrived at the same conclusions as those of your supervisor, or you may believe that a decision he made is not going to end up with a successful result. You need to have a certain amount of insight to know when to speak and when to refrain from speaking; sometimes, it is better to say nothing and go along with the plan.
  5. Reframe your point of view. If you try to understand things from your supervisor’s point of view, you will feel better because you will open up the line of communication. Keep in mind what everything must be like for them; most likely they have more than their fair share of burdens and pressures upon them than you are realizing.

Be Prepared
Even if you are not sure of exactly what to say each time, just as long as you are well-prepared and truthful in your communication, your boss is sure to take notice. You may find that you need to sit down and write your ideas down on a piece of paper. Being this prepared will put you in good stead over the long haul.

As with any type of relationship, good communication skills are highly beneficial. Work towards strengthening these skills each and every day and it will assist your career. In the long run, you will create more stable and long-lasting relationships if you develop a positive attitude that is open to understanding viewpoints of other individuals.


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