How to Build a Rock Solid Foundation for Your Relationship


When you begin a brand new relationship with another person, you discover that you have a lot of things to discuss! You may discover that you and the other person both share similar goals in life.

As the relationship continues to blossom, the couple needs to make sure that they are creating a rock-solid foundation that is going to withstand any problems that occur within the relationship. If your marriage is built on a strong foundation, you and your spouse will have what it takes to master life’s problems and experience happiness as a couple.

It was not so long ago that couples remained married to the same individuals throughout their lives. People naturally thought that they would stay married to each other unless one of them was to die. People also thought that they would purchase a house, raise a family and live in the same town for the rest of their lives.

In the past, marriages were built on the ideas of commitment combined with the support of neighbors, friends and relatives who lived in the same town.

Modern Marriages: In the modern world, it is normal to expect that a couple is going to relocate to another city or a different state. Many married couples move to other states or different countries because of the demands made by their professions. Yet, you can both have a committed relationship that continues to grow as you spend time with each other over the years.

But these days, it’s apparent that a lot of people are reluctant to make a real commitment. Some people go into marriage thinking that divorce is always possible if things aren’t going well. Even if this thought is held unconsciously, it makes it much easier to leave when things don’t seem to be working out.

A couple involved in a committed relationship that has a strong foundation is on an trip that relies upon a common map. Even if the way is often bumpy and filled with rocks, a couple needs to make the decision that they are going to stay together during the difficulties of life.

Typically, the stages of a relationship go something like this:

1. The Romantic Stage.
Romantic love is the stage of love that comes most easily. In most cases, it takes almost no effort at all. That kind of love is actually blind. Each of the partners falsely thinks that the other person does not have any flaws ,and that the love they feel for each other is strong enough to withstand any of life’s challenges. This belief typically only lasts for approximately two years, but, for some persons, the conviction may only last as little as six months.

2. Adaptation.
When the persons have known each other for a while, they suddenly understand that their romantic mates are not 100 percent flawless. They may notice that the relationship is not nearly as perfect as they previously imagined. It is at this point that the relationship really starts to develop.

3. Work at compromising.
As soon as each person understands that the real world overshadows their dreams, the struggle to attain a power position in the relationship may take place. It is at this stage when one or both partners may opt to walk away from the relationship. Nevertheless, if the two partners can withstand the turmoil that occurs during this period, they have an excellent chance of correcting the problems in their relationship.

  • This is an important period in the relationship that enables the partners to learn how to find answers to their problems, how to resolve negative situations and how to accomplish their goals.

4. Re-examination.
Each partner, during this stage, spends time re-evaluating the relationship. They ask acquaintances and members of their families to confirm their feelings that they were not foolish. Now is the most likely time that the marriage is in danger of experiencing an extramarital affair.

  • In order to avoid this damaging event, both spouses need to renew their commitments to each other and remember their own unique qualities.

5. Coming together once more.
From that point on, there’s a connection being rebuilt. They may experiences problems and issues, but each person has developed a compassionate attitude that offers consolation and forgiveness whenever these types of issues occur. They have come through the storms and are prepared for what comes next.

6. Accepting.
That’s the result of building that sturdy relationship. The two persons have now discovered how to meet their personal needs while still making sure that the partner’s needs are met. A person should not expect another individual to fulfill every need; a couple needs to have a sense of harmony as a unit and as private persons.

  • They are capable of meeting any serious problem that occurs and emerges from the situation with the rock-solid foundation sturdy and strong. Once a couple reaches this point, their commitment to and love for each other will more than likely only increase as the relationship goes forward.

In addition to the basic core of a solid relationship that is built upon love and commitment, a couple needs to have trust for one another, attentiveness to each other’s needs and a good measure of respect. You are always going to have a solid relationship if you make it a rule to concentrate on these three building blocks.

Do not forget the road map of the marital excursion with your partner, create a solid foundation that will not crumble and enjoy the love you feel for one another.


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