How to be a Super Saver


With the economy forcing nearly everyone to cut back, you are probably questioning whether it’s possible to save money when you are barely managing to cover your bills every month. It’s critical to be open-minded about new ideas on the subject of saving money. If you are open to attempting different ways to save money, you’ll soon start to see yourself as a saving pro.

Here are some strategies to keep in mind when it comes to assisting you to earmark money for savings and investments:

  1. Saving money is totally about attitude.
    Your thoughts and feelings about saving are important.

    • If it makes you feel defeated or stressed, it is likely that you will evade the issue.
    • If you can commit to saving and think of it as paying yourself for the future when you do, you will become enthusiastic about your savings on every paycheck, and proud of yourself for your savings know-how.
    • Don’t give in to a negative attitude that says that you “can never save a dime because you simply do not have a dime left over after you make your monthly payments.” Instead, convince yourself that you are going to save money every single week.
    • Generally, it is best to place attention on the positives and hold an “I can do it” attitude when it comes to saving money.
  2. Decide today that you are going save money.
    Write down the following sentence on a sticky note, and attach the note to your bathroom mirror so you can read it every time your brush your teeth: “I am definitely going to save a few dollars today.” Then, make it a point to accomplish your goal.

    • Add something to your savings each day, even if it’s only a small amount. It could be the change in your pocket, or you could skip a soda or latte, but there will be something to set aside.
    • Take all of the money you save every day, and deposit these funds into your savings account at the beginning or end of every week.
  3. If you cannot afford to start big, then begin by investing small amounts of money.
    If you can save $5 to $15 per week, you are accomplishing an amazing demonstration of will power. If you accomplish this task, you will become a serious saver.

    • It demonstrates that you believe in the importance of saving and that you are able to be successful at it.
    • Beginning small to move towards a bigger goal demonstrates that you have saving savvy.
  4. Create a goal for minimum weekly savings, and tell yourself you will exceed that amount.
    If the amount of money you plan to save is less than $5 per week, try to save $7 or even $8 per week.

    • So, if you decide to save at least $7 every week, anything you can save beyond that is “gravy.”
    • Keep reading to find more sources of “gravy.”
  5. Use coupons every time you visit the grocery or department store.
    Coupons can be found online, in your local paper, and in grocery store advertisements.

    • On your grocery receipt you will find the total amount you saved by using coupons.
    • Put the savings in a special envelope and deposit this extra money in your savings account.
    • If you are able to save twenty-five cents or $5, the point is that you are saving a certain amount of money.
    • Take the extra savings and deposit the money into a savings account that earns interest every month.
    • This method offers you an intelligent way to save money.
  6. Pay attention to strategies used by successful savers who know about savings.
    Speak with acquaintances or relatives who have already demonstrated that they are good money managers. Do you have a sibling that is an enthusiastic saver, or a friend who never seems to need to finance his new car?

    • Invite them to a homemade dinner, and discuss how you can apply their tips to your lifestyle.
    • When did they begin to practice the art of saving money?
    • Where did they learn techniques as to how to save money?
    • Do some of your knowledgeable friends have a few helpful tips they are willing to divulge for a beginner?
    • Have an open mind for learning new ideas about saving money, and write them down in a notebook. Keep a written record of the different tips.
    • Next, make an informed decision about the tips that match your needs and apply these tips to your financial goals.

Dwell on positive thoughts about saving money, and promise yourself that you are going to save some of your earnings. Create a weekly minimum amount you hope to save and gather advice from other savvy savers you know. If you make saving money a habit, you will end up with more available funds in the future.


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