How To Be A Good Team Player


Teamwork is Essential to Overall Success

Teamwork is crucial to many things, whether it’s teamwork as an employee or as someone with a family and kids. While working in teams is frequently challenging, it can be quite rewarding.

Excellent communication is critical when it comes to optimal teamwork.

It’s of crucial importance to communicate with your team. Talking to other team members directly is key if you have an issue with them. A team that doesn’t communicate with one another is no better than a lot of independent workers.

Effective communication can improve the team’s overall functioning and speed up the completion of given tasks.

More ways to improve your efficiency as a team include:

1) Do your own assignments first. If you complete your portion of a project while other team members are still working, ask them if there is anything you can do to assist them.

2) Make sure deadlines are met. Should you fail to meet a deadline, extend your apologies for the failure, advise the team when your contribution will be ready, then be sure to complete your task by the new deadline. The others on your team will have more respect for you if you take responsibility for your mistakes instead of throwing the blame onto other people.

3) Support those on your team. When a project you are working on is under discussion, give serious consideration to suggestions that other team members make, even if you have reservations about those ideas. Looking at different ideas besides your own says you are curious about what someone else has to say.

4) Understand that this is a collaboration. No one individual owns it. It is critical that each team member can own a particular portion of the project. When each team member has ownership, it is more likely that each member will do whatever is necessary to ensure the success of the project.

5. As the team leader, set clear expectations and goals for the rest of your team. Set up clear goals and say what every individual should contribute. If another person on your team has more skills to get part of the job done, be flexible and consider changing roles.

6) Make sure the team is motivated. Keep your team’s morale high and make sure they are continuously motivated toward success. Get them excited about their common goal instead of each person toiling away on their individual goals.

7) Collaborate on making a plan. The team will feel responsibility for the project if all the members work together to establish objectives and deadlines for the different stages.

  • Get together regularly to see what progress has been made.
  • If needed, move jobs around between team members.
  • Each team member must contribute to ensure correct and timely completion of the job.

Working well in teams is critical in families, as well as in business. Instead of concentrating on their individual needs, children must learn to cooperate for the benefit of a larger group.

If children learn to appreciate teamwork early in life, they are likely to be better team players as adults.

Put these teamwork techniques into play, and before long you’ll see that your team cooperates better and has more success, both at work and at home.


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