How to Add Exercise to Your Daily Activities


A lot of people claim that there is no time for exercise in their schedule. Although this is likely the case in your busy life, there are ways that you can include exercise in your day to day activities without putting aside a lot of time to do it.

Exercise is a matter of the right frame of mind and making it a priority to get in some movement every day. Many people have the mistaken idea that becoming fit means following extreme diets or long, tiring exercise routines. This idea is a complete myth!

Here are some ways to work exercise into your everyday lifestyle:

  1. Use the Stairs. There are many different places where you can choose stairs as an alternative to the elevator. Whether you going to a crucial meeting for work or going shopping, choose the stairs.
  2. Take a long walk around the park. Walking is an ideal way to fit additional exercise into your day, and it often doesn’t even feel like a workout. If you have a date with a friend, you can suggest walking together as you chat. Or if you want to do some thinking alone, you can walk at the same time. It’s exercise for your mind, too, because it stimulates the blood flow to the brain.
  3. Spend Time Playing with Your Kids Outdoors. If you have children, you spend at least some time each day taking care of them. Make a decision to participate in outdoor activities like walking, jogging and swimming with your kids. You can also have more fun if you get your dog involved. This type of exercise will provide you with entertainment and relaxation.
  4. Jog in your living room while watching television. If you feel that jogging on the spot is boring, you can try doing something else at the same time for a pick-me-up. You can jog in short intervals to get rid of tension and get your blood flowing.
  5. Start Riding Your Bicycle. For short trips, you can get there almost as quickly on your bicycle then if you were to drive or take the bus. It may take a little bit longer to get there, but the few additional minutes are not wasted at all, since they help you get fit.
  6. Dates that are Filled with Physical Activities. When you have plans to spend time with your partner, friends, or family members, select an activity that includes exercise. Take a dancing partner with you and go dancing instead of watching a movie at the movie theater. Other fun options are wall climbing or hitting some balls at the batting cage. Have fun trying new things!
  7. Learn How to Lift Weights. Do another activity while you lift weights. Lift weights while meditating about your goals, watching your favorite television show or talking to your best friend on your cell phone. If you store your weights in plain sight at your desk, you are less likely to forget to use them.
  8. Park Your Vehicle a Good Distance from the Building. You can eliminate one more type of stressful situation not fighting over a parking spot that is near the front door of the building. You can park your car further away and get more exercise walking! It’s a stress-free way to get a little exercise and even recoup some lost time.
  9. Do Frequent Outdoor Tasks. If outdoor chores aren’t part of your routine, try adding them to benefit both your home and your body. It’s a money saver, too, if you used to pay neighborhood kids to do the chores. Cut the grass, pull up some weeds, or do other gardening chores. They are an easy way to keep fit!

Movement is the Key

Soon you will find that with the right frame of mind, you can keep moving while you get other tasks done. It may take you a little longer to do your daily chores this way, but it will benefit your body.

Simply add a few easy, minor actions every day and you’ll soon see the beneficial results!


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