How an Open Mind Can Enable You to Accept New Ideas


It can be difficult keeping your mind open to new things. It is true that our familiar ways feel comfortable. However, you may be surprised at the happiness and sense of fulfillment that new ideas, knowledge, opportunities, adventure, and even relationships can bring to your life.

What’s Driving You?

Obviously, you need to be motivated to find new ideas and discover new things. What’s your reason for wanting to be more open? Do you have the commitment for this? Will you do what it takes to make this work?

Which Parts of Your Life Do You Want to Develop?

Choose the areas of your life where you want to focus. One easy way to do this is by adding some variety to the foods you eat rather than partaking of the same things day after day. To start wrapping your mind around new ideas, make a go of an untried food or recipe every week. It’s a method that’s easy and realistic!

To get some creativity going, begin with just one area, and slowly spread to other parts of your routine. It can be much less of a shock to take small steps into open-mindedness rather than trying to change your entire life in sudden and drastic ways.

Here are strategies to open your mind to new concepts:

  1. Resist responding with anger when you are faced with clashing opinions. Take a peaceful timeout to remember that there will always be people whose opinions are different from yours. Try to see things from the perspective of the other individuals involved, following the old adage of ‘walking a mile in their shoes.’
  2. Don’t close yourself away from the world. Encourage the exploration of situations you haven’t yet gotten familiar with. When you come across various opinions, see that as an opportunity to learn.
  3. Step outside of your own comfort zone. Try to frequently move out of your own comfort zone. If new circumstances cause you a lot of anxiety, go ahead and try, but go gradually. Travel to new spots, and try some new activities.
  4. Keep socializing and making new friends. Being around other people not only provides the opportunity to make new discoveries but can also encourage you to try new things. Your friends can expose you to many novel things. Plus, making new friends can introduce you to new and different sets of interests that will open your mind and give you an opportunity to learn about something new.
  5. Make it a point to ask questions. Asking questions not only helps you better understand and learn about a new situation, but it can also sometimes be the only path toward gaining and keeping an open mind. Obviously, you don’t want to be nosy, but if someone seems happy to share their experiences, it makes sense to pay attention to what they have to say.
  6. Don’t speculate. Try things out prior to developing hard and fast opinions about them. Instead of simply accepting the word of another person or going on the assumption that you’ll dislike something, try it yourself to form your own opinion. You can try something simple, like a new activity, hobby, or food.

When you embrace new ventures, the world becomes a daily source of wonder. This is the best way to make sure life stays fun and interesting!


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