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Heshie Segal

For decades Heshie Segal has transformed the lives of children, women and entrepreneurs. Not only is she is passionate about helping those that are less fortunate, but her passion for equipping others with the right tools and information to increase their success is amazing.

Segal is a network marketing strategist, professional speaker, trainer, consultant, executive coach, small business entrepreneur, and an advocate for kids all over the world. Her unique systems for developing solid relationships have been used by executives and managers in corporations, at universities and by individuals around the world. She has an incredible enthusiasm for life and for serving others.

Segal has won numerous awards, including Community Service Volunteer of the Year Award, the Suzy Sutton Mentor Award and the National Speaker’s Association Member of the Year Award. Her clients include the Small Business Association, Various Chambers of Commerce, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), American Express Financial Advisors and many others.

From community service to changing lives around the world and helping others experience incredible business success, Segal has impacted many lives personally and professionally.

Her impeccable list of accomplishments are too numerous to mention here, but Segal has developed amazing systems that are aimed at helping entrepreneurs and women to quickly develop relationships and grow their companies. Her unique style of coaching has enabled top level management at major corporations to develop effective teams and drastically increase their income potential. She has an uncanny ability to connect with people at all levels and inspire them to see change within themselves.

Segal is married to Werner Berger, one of the oldest record holding mountain climbers in the world. Her desire to begin helping children in Africa began when her husband climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Together, they are an unstoppable force.

As a humanitarian, Segal is making lives better for children around the world, and she is inspiring others to become involved as advocates for women and children. Her work with young adults is aimed at encouraging them to take control of their lives and recognize the potential that they have to change themselves and the world. She encourages young people to dream big, make wise choices, develop great work ethics and turn their dreams into reality.

Segal is also the Queen of JetNetting, a term she coined. It is an innovative system that she developed which helps people to immediately develop solid business relationships in less time by building long-term, genuine, powerful and diverse connections. She has instantly changed lives using this powerful networking system. Through JetNetting, Segal teaches her clients how to instantly turn a business card or a presentation into lasting business opportunities. Her book, 21 Secrets to Increase Your Net Worth by 21 Percent In 21 Days or Less, outlines this process.

The founder of Exceptional People Magazine was delighted to speak with Segal about her life’s passion to serve others in their professional and personal lives and to help thousands of children, young adults and women improve their lot in life.

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