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Diane Kazer

When Diane Kazer was growing up in northern California, her family was poor. Her mother did her best to feed her children with nutritious foods, but she couldn’t afford fresh produce most of the time.

That didn’t stop Kazer. She was a natural athlete and a soccer superstar from an early age, wowing coaches and teams far and wide. After graduating from high school, she played semi-professionally for the Elk Grove Pride (now FC Sacramento). It wasn’t long before she was recruited to play professionally for Germany’s prestigious Frauen HSV Bundesliga as a defender and fitness captain.

But something was wrong. The young athlete was sick on a regular basis. Her periods were debilitating. Urinary tract infections plagued her. She had cystic acne, and she drank too much alcohol. She knew she was not performing at the level she should. Worst of all, she was continually depressed, despite the outward appearance of a happy-go-lucky footballer.

Still, nothing stopped Kazer. Returning to her Sacramento soccer team, she won a scholarship to the University of Pacific where she earned a BS in Business Finance while working as a fitness consultant. Shortly after graduation, she opened her own financial consultancy franchise.

Throughout it all, Kazer was continually prescribed antibiotics. One day her doctor told her to stay on them permanently. It was years before antibiotic usage started to be questioned in the mainstream media. But Kazer knew that there was something very wrong with her – and with a medical system that threw synthetic pharmaceuticals at every problem it couldn’t solve.

By now, Kazer had become financially independent by selling her 8-year old business for $250,000. She started traveling, covering 25 countries worldwide to learn about nutrition, hormones, medicine, and natural remedies. Her appetite for knowledge and training was voracious: In only 3 years, she became certified as an NASM Personal Trainer, an ISSA Fitness Nutritionist, an RYT Vinyasa & Power Yoga Teacher, a Reiki Practitioner, and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Coach.

Now at peak health and firmly at the helm of her own branded nutrition, wellness, and healing company, Kazer specializes in hormone balance and detoxification. As one of Orange County’s most sought-after nutritionists, she practices everything she preaches, and it shows. Kazer’s energy practically bounces off the walls of any room she’s in. She glows with confidence and vitality, and her uninhibited laugh is infectious – in a healthy way, of course.

We learned a lot about nutrition and medicine with this interview, and we think you will too.

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