From Cancer Survivor to Small Business Success


Haralee Weintraub

As the founder of Haralee Clothing, Haralee Weintraub knows how women can be impacted by cancer and menopause. In 2002 her life changed drastically when she received a breast cancer diagnosis which led her to think about her career path and her future.

While going through chemotherapy and radiation, she began experiencing menopause. As someone who used to be cold all the time and was used to wearing layers of clothing, she was now experiencing night sweats. While contemplating her future, Weintraub began thinking about how she could improve her condition and help thousands of other women who also experience menopause.

“I began my quest to find more sleep-friendly wicking fabric. Wicking clothing is polyester clothing but it’s not the polyester that we remember from the 1970s. It’s a microfiber and it takes the perspiration from the body to the fabric where it quickly evaporates so you don’t stay wet and cold,” says Weintraub.

After regaining her health and winning the battle again cancer, Weintraub spent the next 18 months building her business. With 25 years of experience working for Fortune 500 and 100 companies in marketing, training and management, she already had a lot of the required experience needed to run a business.

All she needed to do was find the right material and manufacturer so that she could begin developing a solid foundation for her company. Through hard work and commitment, she began her quest to create cool fashionable sleepwear for hot women. Her cancer diagnosis eventually became a blessing and an opportunity. As a business owner, Weintraub not only provides much needed comfort for menopausal women, but she also supports the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Oregon and is a spokeswoman for the local chapter.

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