Grom Social: A Boy, an Idea and Two Exceptional Parents


Zach Marks

Take a loving family with attentive, intelligent parents, and combine that with a highly-social 11-year old boy with superior coding skills, and what do you get? You get the creator of an interactive and fun social platform that’s safe for kids and comfortable for parents to allow them access to, believe it or not. Darren and his wife Sarah had no idea what to expect when their young, bright son Zach asked them if he could create a social platform for kids after responsibly banning him from Facebook.

They had their doubts, still, they gave him support and encouragement, and the rest is social media history. Enter Grom Social, a website for kids to go to and connect with other kids all over the world – a website that is opening the minds and hearts of our future adults while teaching them the ins and outs of using the internet. Zach has thought of all the risks kids face while online and he has added built in security features and characters who monitor the site 24/7. The authentication process adds yet another level of comfort for parents.

Now a seasoned entrepreneur, this 15-year old can teach most adults a thing or two. He speaks to audiences of hundreds, even thousands – of people from around the globe. Zach meets with his staff and oversees every aspect of the operation, too. He is the brainchild – literally – of an amazing concept that most adults could not conceive of – and if that’s not amazing enough, he has even more ideas for the website that will continue to help it grow – right along with Zach.

We can credit his parents for their support, but the real credit goes to a young man with persistence and patience when many people were telling him his vision simply wasn’t possible. He ignored the naysayers and came up with a website that is changing the lives of thousands of young people today. They have a place to talk, play games, learn and share – all in a safe, nurturing environment.

Zach is just beginning in his life’s career, so stay tuned, because there is no doubt he will be a top influencer in our culture, if he isn’t there already. His parents deserve much credit for allowing him to pursue his dreams, even if they may seem impossible to others. Their belief in Zach gave him a valuable lesson – to believe in your ideas, and keep on going – no matter what.

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