10 of the Greatest Minds in Publishing

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Behind the scenes of the modern publishing industry lies an amalgam of brilliant minds, driving their respective publications forward and always staying at the cutting edge of the industry.

There are 10 figures who have consistently stood out and gone above and beyond. Here’s a list of who they are, what they do, and what makes them one of the most relevant individuals in the publishing industry today.

Bo Sacks

One name: Precision Media Group. Precision Media is one of the largest multi media marketing companies in the world and has been targeting niches in the media industry for almost as long as niches have existed. Bo Sacks is the president of the company and also continues to update the longest running e-newsletter in the world, and he does so regularly. He’s been topping lists of the top people in the industry for over 22 years now, thanks to his far-reaching talents. It’s quite likely that this trend will continue as he innovates new and exciting ways to spread awareness for a diverse array of subject areas.

Bill Mickey

The publishing industry has faced a great deal of turmoil due to the advent of digital media over the past decade, and Bill Mickey has been there riding the storm from the beginning. He has weathered it as the Editorial Director at folio, covering niche magazine publishing news on the frontlines of the industry since 2004. Bill Mickey singlehandedly kept folio alive with his persistence and expertise.

Samir Husni

“Mr Magazine” is his nickname, and magazines are most certainly his game. Samir has influenced the next generation of magazine and publishing entrepreneurs through the founding of the Magazine Innovation Centre at the University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism. He is not only the director of the center, but he also regularly interviews many of the most influential figures in the industry. He helps those wanting to enter the magazine world with some of the best advice and expertise available today. His influence on the next generation in conjunction with being a consultant, professor and PhD are just a few of the many reasons Samir gets a well deserved place on this list.

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is a personal development guru who practices and preaches what he calls “intentional leadership.” Michael is an incredibly talented author, penning the multi-level best seller “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World” amongst several other highly influential publications. His e-book “Creating Your Personal Life Plan” has been downloaded more than 100,000 times, making Michael one of the leading figures in the digital media delivery business.

Russ Grandinetti

It would be impossible to have a list of the greatest minds in publishing without the inclusion of Russ G. Everyone everywhere (barring perhaps one or two people in the far reaches of the universe) has heard of a little device known as the “Kindle.” That’s not by chance, either. The Kindle is one of the most innovative digital media hardware devices available on the market today, and has transformed the way many of us choose to read our favorite publications. It has literally made it possible for us to access our preferred fix of whatever we like, anywhere, at any time. Russ has influenced the way an entire generation perceives printed publications. To many readers, a Kindle or similar type tablet IS the new printed publication standard. What an impact!

Mike Shatzkin

Founder of the Idea Logical Company, Mike Shatzkin has provided a wealth of information and knowledge for those wanting to maximize their digital publication efforts and reach wider target audiences. Idea Logical is a brave, forward thinking company; they are embracing and tackling the challenges posed by the large scale introduction of digital media, and showing major trade publishers how they can continue to flourish rather than fearing the advent of digitalization. This proactive mentality is one of the major reasons for Mike’s success in the industry.

Seth Godin

Seth is a pioneer of the modern digital marketing movement, and is helping publishers to access their customers in a more “human” manner than some of their competitors by guiding them towards a marketing strategy he terms “Permission Marketing.” This concept is widely appealing due to the fact that most advertising, such as radio advertising, is “interruptive” marketing and can easily irritate the recipient. The beauty of the permissive marketing concept is that the recipient is already “warm” to the idea of the product or information they are viewing, and is therefore far more likely to take genuine interest than those reached through intrusive alternatives.

Michael Cader

Michael is the creator of the innovative site “Publishers Lunch” – an online digital marketplace that allows publishers to search for the critical information they need to further their business, their skills, and their information network as a whole. Think of this site as a publisher’s “eBay,” where anything publishing related is available in a digital format for those in the industry. Over 40,000 individuals subscribe to Publishers Lunch; imagine how many conversations have been sparked between its subscribers that then lead to a ground breaking new article, eBook, or publishing house. That really is food for thought.

Joel Friedlander

Joel Friedlander is a traditionalist in the publishing industry, and the founder of The Book Designer – a website offering a diverse array of material aimed at those interested in self-publishing. He advises his clients on how best to achieve a truly excellent finished product and offers information not only on how to turn their penned text into a solid hard copy, but also on the marketing and finances involved in bringing their hard work to life.

Nancy Slavin

Nancy Slavin is an innovative media and marketing wizardess responsible for creating the marketing strategies for companies like Macy’s. Not only that, but 26 other high profile clients rely on her skills to help them spread their products to the most diverse array of existing and potential customers. Nancy’s portfolio is second to none in the industry, and she continues to refresh her workload as the publishing industry powers forwards into the digital age. Nancy’s humble department store beginnings are perhaps one of the main reasons she has been able to market brands like Macy’s so successfully to the public. She just gets it.


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