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We are nearing the end of 2021. It’s time for us to reflect on our experiences over the past year.

What challenges did we encounter? In what ways did we grow or become better people because of those challenges? What kind of impact did we have on others? How will we change how we present ourselves to our families, friends, and the world next year?

These are some of the things I believe we should reflect on as this year winds down. We should use our past outcomes as a compass for the future, which is why I decided to dedicate this last issue solely to Gratitude, Wisdom, and Inspiration.

In this issue, you’ll hear from extraordinary people who share what they’re grateful for and how they intend to walk into 2022. We’ve also included insights, lessons learned, and wisdom from many who have achieved extraordinary success in business and life.

Taking the time to evaluate our past experiences can help us improve our view of life if we’re willing to allow it to happen and establish a renewed vision for whom we can become.

We hope you gain lots of inspiration in this issue, and I encourage you to go forth with purpose, believing that you will become the best version of yourself in 2022 regardless of what’s happening around you.

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About Monica Davis

Monica Davis has been in the business of influencing people to change their lives and helping them to develop their professional and business objectives for over 20 years. Monica Davis is a bestselling business author, speaker, trainer, media coach, award-winning television host and producer, and the publisher of Exceptional People Magazine.

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