5 Ways To Get The Attention Of Big Names In Your Area Of Expertise


It’s incredibly important to build relationships in any business, especially with those who have a large following or a large influence over your target market.

What benefit can such a relationship bring?

Well, if someone with a big following helps you to spread your message and promotes you to their followers and fans, this increased exposure and reach will effectively act as a shortcut to growing your brand. Rather than having to go out and build your own fanbase one by one, their endorsement can immediately catapult you into the collective consciousness of those who are likely to buy from you!

A word of caution – influencers tend to be busy people. They’re also hounded daily by people looking to use them for their own self interest.

The more influential the person is, the harder they tend to be to connect with. Likewise, the more influential they are, the harder it becomes to gain their endorsement. A prime example of this is trying to connect with Warren Buffett vs connecting with a successful business owner in your neighborhood.

With that said, it IS possible to build relationships with just about anyone, and these 5 tips will help you to gain their attention and form relationships that last.

1. The Mindset of Giving Value

It’s really important that you have a mindset of helping rather than taking. In every interaction you have, you should aim to give value and help people.

Let’s consider the following two hypothetical emails:

Email 1

Hi [influencer name],

My name is _____. I run a business in ____ and think your fans would love it.

I’m looking for help with promoting my business and was wondering if you could share this with your followers on Facebook.

Thanks a lot.

Message 2

Hi [influencer name],

Let me introduce myself. My name is ___ and I’m the owner of _____. I wanted to send a quick message to say hi and ask if there’s any way I could be of help to your business.

I’ve written a few blog posts originally intended for release on my site, but I wanted to send these to you first to see if you feel any of these might resonate with your audience. If so, please feel free to use them and amend as you see fit. There’s no need to credit the article to me or to link back to my site – I’m doing this as a way to say thanks for all the incredible value I’ve derived from following you on Facebook over the past six months.

Similarly, if there’s any alternative way I may be able to help out, let me know. You can find out more about my skillsets and what I do by visiting my website _______.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the blog posts (attached).


Which do you feel is most likely to get a positive response back?

However you are able to give value (and that doesn’t just have to be blog posts – be creative!) the principle of reciprocity dictates that when you help someone out, they are more inclined to return the favor and help you back in return.

So, to summarize – before asking for anything, give value and offer to help! You should be forming mutually beneficial relationships rather than a relationship simply for your benefit.

2) Social Media Presence

It’s never been easier to make contact with influencers. Whereas in previous years outreach would have required detective-like research into postal addresses or telephone numbers, nowadays practically everyone is on social media.

How can you find their pages? Try Googling the following search terms:

“[influencer name”]+”Twitter”
“[influencer name]”+”Facebook”

Remember to use the quotation marks exactly as above, and not to include any spaces between the quotation and the + symbol.

Nine times out of ten, if the influencer is on social media, this simple search query will allow you to find their pages.

When making contact on social sites, take the “soft” approach. Build some traction by commenting or liking their posts, retweeting or sharing their content, and over a period of time this will allow you to come onto their radar and hopefully engage in dialogue. If you are consistent in this strategy the influencer will eventually begin to recognize who you are, will identify you as being a loyal fan, and as such, will be more inclined to help when you eventually reach out to them.

3) Commenting on their blogs

Most influencers will have websites and blog posts. It’s your job to comment on their blogs!

Remember, when commenting on blog posts it’s important that you use the same profile image that you are using as the profile for your social media sites. This will help the influencer to tie the two together and understand that you’re the same person – that becomes much harder to do if your username and profile images differ from site to site!

By commenting on blog posts and social media, what you are essentially doing is having multiple touchpoints and continuing the conversation in multiple places. This helps to assume familiarity, and also helps to speed up the relationship building process.

It’s also very important that in all comments on blog posts are actually of value. Commenting something like “nice blog post, really enjoyed reading” is not valuable.

Engage in conversation. Try to ask questions. Try to offer advice or your own perspective from your experience. The goal should be to have a mutually beneficial conversation; one that others reading will also derive benefit from.

4) Networking

All good relationships should transcend the screen. Schedule time in your calendar to attend networking events or conferences where influencers will be speaking.

A great website to use is meetup.com. This site is used to schedule networking events based on topics of interest. By visiting this site you’ll be able to see what’s going on in your local area, and if you can’t find anything of interest, there’s also the opportunity to organize your own networking events too!

When it comes to attending conferences, be sure to actually make personal contact with keynote speakers. After their speech, take time to actually talk to them! Start by telling them that you enjoyed their talk and asking questions relating to it. The goal is that, when it comes to asking for their details so you can follow up with them, you want them to be happy to continue the conversation because they enjoyed their interaction with you.

Finally, the last tip….

5) Always be personable and avoid stock/generic messages

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to trying to make contact with influencers is playing the “numbers game”. Thinking they need to send tons of messages before anyone will respond, it’s very common for people to send the same copy and paste message to lots of different influencers. Avoid doing this at all costs!

It is much more beneficial for you to take a personal, custom approach to each influencer based on research that you have done. Even if this takes ten times longer to write than a copy and paste template, the likelihood of a reply increases a hundredfold.

Note: The more research you do before outreach, the better your chance of forming relationships! Remember that influencers tend to receive lots of messages on a daily basis, and those that clearly demonstrate time and energy in their outreach go a lot further than those that evidently took only a few seconds to compose.

So, to wrap up, follow the 5 tips outlined above and you’ll be setting great foundations upon which to build lasting and beneficial relationships. Remember to have fun – this shouldn’t be a chore, this is an opportunity to meet like minded people who could become your friends!

Good luck, and let us know it goes.


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