From Mom to Supermom Tips for Working Mothers


Working moms, need to find ways that help them maintain balance in their lives, given the many different roles they play. Having to juggle a career, duties as a wife, and responsibilities to your children can present challenges and easily become overwhelming. Yet, you may actually discover that you get more out of life when you face these challenges with an eager attitude!

If you need to develop new ideas about how to withstand the stress associated with your busy lifestyle, try practicing any of the following tips:

1. Do not mix your work time with family activities. Let your family know that you need time to do your work, and that you will set also set aside time to spend with them. Of course, it’s not possible to have the perfect schedule; however, making an effort at scheduling and organization will have a tremendous positive effect as you strive to be a career woman, wife and mother.

  • When you sitting at your desk, focus on getting your tasks completed.

In like manner, when you return home from work at night be sure to focus your total attention on your family. This strategy will enable you to complete your tasks in a timely manner, and you will also experience less stress.

2. Tell your children that you are going to spend some time with them during the approaching weekend. Permit your children to pick activities they want to participate in when Saturday or Sunday arrives. That tells your kids what your values are and reassures them of their importance to you. When you spend this time with your family, devote all of your attention to your spouse and children and enjoy your quality time with them.

3. Have fun spending time with your family when you eat dinner. Talk about the events of your day, and enjoy spending quality time with your family while you eat your dinner together.

  • When you spend time with your spouse and children, make sure that your mobile phone or computer does not cause constant interruptions.

4. Explain your work skills and tasks to your kids. Tell your children about your career, why it is important to you and why it holds importance to them. If your children know you spend your time in an office or store during the day, they will understand why you are not at home.

  • Allow your children to visit the office with you once in a while and explain your job duties to them. Allow them to see your workplace first-hand and learn all about exactly what you do.

5. Make your children feel important by introducing them to your boss and co-workers. This enables you to create a bond with your co-workers, and you will find it easier to have a harmonious lifestyle that is perfectly balanced between your job and your home life.

6. Engage in enjoyable activities, such as playing word games or card games, games that every person enjoys. You and your children will have more fun when you share activities with them that all of you have in common, and sharing activities they love gives you the chance to spend more time with your kids.

7. Invite your child’s friends to your home so you can get acquainted with them. Put together a sleepover and become familiar with who your kids are hanging out with. Arrange to meet with the parents of your children’s friends. Play an active role in encouraging your children to surround themselves with positive people that can power their growth.

8. Take a vacation with your spouse and children at least one time every year. Pick out a travel spot that will excite your family – and yourself as well. Pick a vacation spots that every person will enjoy, and make sure you choose a location that offers activities for your children. The most important thing to remember is to forget about your job when you are spending time with your family. This action lets your kids know that you value the time you spend with them.

9. Hire a housekeeper to do your chores around the home or other tasks that you hate to do. If you spend a lot of hours at your job or you just do not seem to have enough hours in a day, hire a housekeeper to do your laundry and mop the floors. Do all that you can to spend lots of quality time with your children. Hire a professional housekeeper to clean your house so you can have more time to devote to your children’s needs.

If you follow these suggestions, you’ll be able to restore sanity to a chaotic world. It’s possible to balance your work and home lives by basing your choices on your values, planning your time accordingly, and using what you have available on your highest priorities.


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