Roc Mwongozi: From East Oakland to the Upper East Side


Roc Mwongozi

Roc Mwongozi has always known how to stay clean – no matter how dirty things got around him. As a boy growing up in crime-ridden East Oakland, California, he was regularly blasted by peers for refusing to take part in the growing drug culture. While many of his friends followed the hollow promise of quick earnings, Roc knew that drugs would lead him nowhere fast.

Born Rahmaan Mwongozi, the young man studied his surroundings, learning everything he could about becoming independently wealthy. With his parents’ support, he headed to Morehouse College in Atlanta where he earned a Bachelors in Finance and Economics.

Right after college, he took a job as a financial analyst – at a company called Enron. At that time, Enron was the country’s 7th largest corporation. Valued at over $65 billion, Enron was admired as a new business model for the 21st century.

But not long after landing this job, Mwongozi found himself being berated by his boss in front of his entire department because he’d been unable to reconcile a set of data. Undaunted, the 23 year old dug in, discovered the problem, and solved it – instantly eliminating inaccuracy while saving the company 25% in processing hours.

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