From Cotton Picker to Millionaire Mentor


Jim Britt

Growing up poor in Oklahoma, Jim Britt learned early in life that hard work would help feed the family, but it wasn’t going to get him where he wanted. He started his first job at the tender age of 6 (yes, you read that right) picking cotton every September. For every pound of cotton that he turned in, Britt earned two cents.

Working the fields was hard work, and it instilled in him a strong work ethic. As he grew older, though, he could see pretty clearly that this scenario was never going to let him get ahead in life. School didn’t appear to hold any promise either – and neither did college.

So one day, just a few months before graduation, he dropped out. First he took a job at the local gas station. Then he worked at a factory. He got married and had a child, but he wasn’t where he wanted to be financially. So he borrowed $4000 to invest in a business opportunity. It failed. And with that failure, Jim lost his house, his cars, his furniture… but not his goals.

Selling door to door, Britt found himself hauling an industrial-sized pail of carpet shampoo three miles to a client’s office one day. His cars were repossessed, so he was traveling by foot in the hot Oklahoma sun.

By the time he arrived, he was ready to give up and go back to work at the factory. But something about his drive and work ethic caught his client’s eye. Suddenly Britt was driving a company car, living in a company apartment, and in charge of a major building construction project.

Was he afraid when he agreed to build a 52-unit apartment complex with no experience whatsoever? Yes ma’am. Was he uncomfortable when he saw the sheriff’s eviction notice on his foreclosed front door? Yes sir.

But did the fear of leaving his comfort zone stop him from changing his life? No. It did not.

For over 30 years now, Britt has been enjoying a life of wealth, widespread admiration, and fearlessness. The veteran performance educator and success coach has worked with more than 300 corporations around the world, including Bank of America, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Wendy’s Hamburgers, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Avon, and Pacific Bell.

Britt is well known for having been Tony Robbins’ first mentor and employer. He has partnered with numerous high profile motivation mentors including Jim Rohn, Dr. Denis Waitley, and Dr. Maxwell Maltz. And he’s earned praise from multiple entrepreneurial leaders such as T. Harv Eker, and Guerrilla Marketing’s Jay Levinson.

Lately, Britt’s warm personality and common-sense style is lauded by attendees of his seminars and workshops on network marketing, leadership, small business success strategies and myriad topics on peak performance and personal fulfillment. He’s spoken to over 4000 audiences and over one million people.

That’s a long way from his previous job, at age 6, picking cotton in the fields of Oklahoma.

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