From a Dark Place to an Abundant Life


Lisa Nichols

Q. How can you take hold of your future today? Right now?

A. “With your knees knocking and your teeth chattering.”

That’s what bestselling author and renowned speaker Lisa Nichols advises her audiences. “Opportunity is passing by because you’re waiting for a ‘perfect time,’” says Nichols, but “our job is to sometimes be afraid.”

Nichols should know, too. The once-broke single mom created her own multi-million dollar inspirational empire with nothing more than a mental decision to change how she thought and how she lived.

Oprah loves her. Steve Harvey worships her. She’s often seen providing encouragement and advice to viewers of The Today Show and Extra. And she’s earned multiple humanitarian awards from around the world in the process.

Lisa Nichols is, without a doubt, a force of nature. Her 7th book, Abundance Now!, is hot off the press. Like No Matter What, her previous New York Times bestseller, Abundance Now! is chock-full of down-to-earth advice and easy, practical strategies to a happier, fuller, more prosperous life. All you have to do, says Nichols, is choose to open the door. It’s not locked, you know.

Nichols’ journey began when she realized she didn’t have enough money to buy diapers for her infant son. The South Central L.A. single mother had been raised in a loving, spiritual family and had experienced popularity and success in school. But swaddling her boy in a bath towel for two days was her final wakeup call.

With no bootstraps to pull up, she nevertheless dug in deep and transformed her life out of public assistance. She read everything she could get her hands on. She observed success, and started to realize that it was within her reach – if she really wanted it.

She listened. She prayed. And most of all, she participated proactively in each and every baby step – or “micro-step” as she calls them – to attain larger and more ambitious personal and financial goals.

These days, Nichols presides over Motivating the Masses, Inc., one of the country’s only publicly traded personal and business development training companies. She runs workshops and programs for corporations and ministries across the country. Her global platform has reached nearly 30 million people, showing people worldwide how to find and tap into their own infinite potential.

Nichols still sheds tears when retelling her stories of chaos and scarcity. Despite her enormous and continually growing success, you still want to give her a hug when she talks about some of the 3000+ prevented teen suicides and 200,000+ runaways and dropouts she’s helped through her non-profit foundation, Motivating the Teen Spirit. You can tell she knows how they feel.

She says abundance is her birthright, as it is everyone’s.

This is clearly a person who cares deeply about her fellow man, woman, and child.

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