Four Ways To Improve Your Bond With Your Children


What is more important in your life than the bond with your children? A deep bond with your children can be a wealth of joy and contentment, but if you never develop a good relationship with them, a troubled bond can cause endless heartache.

There are four simple ways to strengthen your relationship if you have lost that intimate connection.

Help With Their Homework — By helping your kids with their homework, you’ll show that you are taking an interest in their education. This also shows them that they can depend on you when they are in need of help. You’re letting them know that spending time with them is more valuable than anything else.

Time is fleeting and life is busy; one day you may realize your time to bond has disappeared. Take advantage of every moment, including simple things like helping your children with their homework. If this becomes a habit, it’s likely that the topic will meander from schoolwork to more interesting subjects that allow you into your child’s inner life for a moment or two.

Share Their Interests — Become involved in activities and interests of your child’s choosing. Children are drawn toward activities they find an interest in, so ask them about their chosen activities! Let them see that you’re truly curious about what makes them the way they are. Share the things they love to increase your closeness and energize their passions.

Find Common Ground — If you think you’ve got nothing in common, show your children with the things you care about. Share your interests with your children by introducing them in a fun and kid-friendly way to the things you’re passionate about.

In most cases, your children will take interest in your activities because you have shown your keen interest in them, but always keep in mind that your children may develop very different interests regardless of what you involve them in, and it’s important to be able to accept that. When you share something that both of you like, the closeness you’ll feel is exciting.

Most lifelong passions begin during childhood. A great number of passions are passed down from generation to generation. Introducing your children to your passions can foster a lifelong bond. Pique their interest by involving them in your hobbies, while accepting and loving them regardless of what their interests are.

You can try one of the following activities if you don’t know where to start:

  • Go fishing with your children.
  • Bring the whole family along to one of your local sports teams’ games.
  • Plan a shopping expedition that hits their favorite shops.
  • Take them out to their favorite restaurant for a mommy (or daddy!) date.
  • Sit down for a family movie night – remember to pick a kid-friendly film!
  • Read to your children from a book you all love.

Often, the activity alone is not what children keep in their memory. The time spent with them is what creates the memory. The two most crucial parts of creating a close relationship with your kids are your interest, and your availability.

Be Inclusive — If you have one child, it’s simple to engage the whole family in bonding activities. With multiple children, though, you’ll need to make a conscious effort to evenly divide your activities and attention.

A small amount of effort will have amazing results. Making the effort will let your children know that a close relationship is more important to you than everything else. Most importantly, start today! Creating lifelong bonds with children is easier to do the younger they are. By making your children your number one priority, you’ll gain lifelong bonds.


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