First Impressions are Key
Even When it Comes to Email


Frequently, we do not remember that first impressions are important even on the Internet. Consider how you have felt when you have clicked on a link that took you to an awful website that was flashy and annoying. The only recourse you have is to navigate away from that site as quickly as possible. Something similar occurs when you join a mailing list to obtain some outstanding information, but instead only get numerous spammy emails on a daily basis. What steps do you take? Get rid of it and eliminate your name from the mailing list. It only takes a few clicks. It happens that quickly, and there is no going back.

Keep in mind that first impressions are important if you do not want your emails to land in your subscribers’ recycle bins or spam folders. Subscribers begin judging you from the moment they first view your website and receive your welcome email, and they judge you continually. Instead of viewing everything from the perspective of the creator, you must view it from the point of view of the client or user.

If you cannot evaluate your welcome email in an unbiased manner, ask someone else to provide you with honest feedback after reading it. It is better to get constructive criticism from a friend, or someone who is paid to provide you with an unbiased opinion, than to have people subscribe and then unsubscribe quickly (or never subscribe in the first place). Trust me, it occurs. Testing is the best way to prevent issues such as these from arising.

Unsubscribe rates — If many recipients of your welcome email are unsubscribing shortly after receipt, review the email, and think about reworking it. By setting up a redirect from the unsubscribe success page, you can ask those who unsubscribe their reasons for doing so.

Open rates — When it comes to your welcome email and any other emails that you send to those on your mailing list, it is a good idea to check the open rates. If a person unsubscribes right after opening your email, it may be due to the contents of the email; however, if a person unsubscribes without opening the email, something else is causing that behavior. Your subject lines may be the culprit, but it could be something else.

Certainly, there is another way to view the issue of people who unsubscribe upon receipt of their welcome email. It is possible to utilize your welcome email as a way to identify those who are only interested in getting freebies and are not truly interested in what you have to offer. Did this subscriber receive an offer for a freebie from you? If your intent is to attract potential customers to your list, so that you can get them to consider purchasing your information and products at some point, you do not want your welcome email to deter them. Read it aloud, and have someone else read it as well. If necessary, pay somebody to evaluate it.

It is critical that you do testing of your websites, ad copy, welcome emails, sales copy and all content, to make sure that everything is working as it should. Getting feedback from someone else can be critical when it comes to making your offerings better. It is possible to provide those who unsubscribe with a survey to find out why they took that step, or you can obtain professional feedback.


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