Finding Her Passion Through Her Pain


Theresa Piasta

Theresa Piasta loves her Waffles. Waffles, the fluffy little white dog, that is.

But this is not your average girl-meets-puppy, girl-falls-in-love-with-puppy story. In fact, Theresa Piasta’s story is about as serious and scary as they come.

Sure, she had what you’d call an excellent – even privileged – childhood. The fourth of seven children, she grew up in the idyllic hills of California’s Sonoma wine country. The athletic blonde ranked third in her class academically, was an avid soccer player, and was so popular that she was elected student body president in her senior year.

That year was 2001. The same year two jet airliners crashed into two tall towers in downtown New York City one sunny September morning.

When 9/11 happened, high schooler Theresa Piasta knew she wanted to join the Army. It was only natural; her grandfather, father, and two brothers were all military men. Along with her mother, they’d always encouraged Theresa to reach for the stars and conquer her dreams.

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