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Depression can have many origins. Occasionally, depression is caused by the death of a child or spouse, or breaking up with a romantic partner. But sometimes, there seems to be no cause at all for these feelings.

If you are experiencing symptoms associated with chronic depression, you may have some kind of nutritional deficiency or other imbalance.

Even though a doctor may be required in the case of a serious type of chronic depression that persists, you can still practice a few simple techniques that frequently help to replace sad feelings with happy emotions:

  1. One of the steps you can take to get back to living a joyful life is to change what you eat. Healthy eating can have a positive impact on your emotional health, just as it does on your physical well-being. Healthy and stable blood sugar levels can be maintained through the consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Your mood and overall well-being, can be given a boost, by the needed fats and protein found in fish. So, eat fish regularly.
    • Depression symptoms could be exacerbated by simple sugars and processed foods. Additionally, processed foods can cause your health to deteriorate, and it is not as easy to cope with depression when you are not healthy.
    • Don’t forget lots of water. To give your body what it needs to face the challenges that life throws at it, try eating smaller portions and more often. Your body will need the appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals to ensure that you achieve the emotional well-being that you deserve, so think about taking a regular supplemental multivitamin.
  2. Stay fit. Exercise is a natural and fast mood-booster. Your overall sense of happiness, self-confidence, and health will be strengthened by following a regular exercise routine. Start out slowly and maintain a simple fitness strategy. You do not need to run in a 10-mile race on day one of your exercise routine.
    • Just taking a walk will get you out of the house. Or check around your community to see if you can find an aerobics or other exercise class you might like. Set doable goals for your workout – don’t forget that you are trying to add movement to your daily life, not to achieve every fitness objective you’ve set for yourself in the first week.
  3. Get an adequate amount of sleep. Every person needs to obtain quality sleep, but the amount of sleep you need may differ from the amount of sleep required by your friend. A sign that you’re not sleeping long enough at night is if you start to feel tired in mid-afternoon, or anytime during the day. If you do not get enough sleep on a regular basis, you can begin to feel depressed.
    • If you’re sad and fatigued, make an attempt to get a longer night’s sleep. You may find that after just a few days of adequate rest, you’ll have a new and better perspective on your circumstances and start to feel more positive about yourself.
  4. Look for the positive in any situation. When you lose the ability to feel joy, it is difficult to see anything positive happening in your life. However, if you learn to feel grateful for the good experiences that come your way, you will start to feel happy instead of sad.
    • Ask yourself questions that can alter your point of view and help you feel in control. What makes you happy? If your goal is truly to be happy, what do you have in your life to be happy about? Who are the people you love, and who are the people who love you? What brings you feelings of excitement? What kind of things could get you excited?
    • If you feel defeated, ask yourself this question: “Is there anything good that I can learn from this feeling?” What positives can I take from this? Is there some way I can use this information?” These types of questions cause you to think about things in a more positive way, and this change of attitude can help you to find answers that give you more inner strength.
  5. These ideas may seem straightforward, but they can have a significant effect on your sad feelings. You have a right to a happy and self-confident life. Start to apply these simple and natural techniques to your life right now, so that you can experience a feeling of real joy!


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