Family Fitness: Staying Healthy as a Family


It’s more important than ever for families to rally together for health in an age where fast food, busy schedules, and sedentary games work against them. You have the responsibility as your child’s parent to set an example about the positive benefits of participating in exercises on a daily basis.

Your children will grow into adulthood with healthy habits if you exercise with them as a family on a regular basis. Additionally, your family experiences stronger ties when everyone spends more time doing various types of activities together.

Use your imagination to think of fun family fitness activities your family will enjoy. You may be shocked at the positive reaction you receive from your family when it comes to new types of exercise being done together!

Look at the following family fitness tips, and try to learn how to do some of these activities:

1. Bicycle riding.
If your family has not used their bikes for a long time, dust them off and take them to a bicycle repair shop for tuneups. After your bikes are clean and in good working condition, arrange to have family bicycle rides a couple of times per week.

  • Change the daily bicycle riding times until you discover the best times of day in which everyone can participate in this type of family fitness activity. Try Saturday and Sunday mornings, or arrange appropriate hours during summer break. You can also try an hour or two before supper or after you finish eating the evening meal.

2. Go for a swim.
There aren’t many children who don’t love to splash around in a pool. Give your children professional swimming lessons, and then take your family to a public pool twice a week whenever the weather is suitable.

  • Swimming causes the body to burn up a lot of calories and offers your family the chance to spend quality time together while relaxing next to the pool.

3. Walk for a few minutes, then run for a few minutes.
You can always go on long walks with your spouse and children. However, what if your family changes the routine and decides to walk for three minutes, jog for three minutes, and then repeat this pattern? If your children are like the majority of kids, they will gladly join you in a fast and lively race.

4. Mini-biathlon.
Plan a mini-biathlon with your entire family, especially if your spouse and kids enjoy running, swimming, and riding bicycles. You can create a simple and enjoyable training schedule for yourself, your spouse, and your kids.

  • Your spouse and children will enjoy participating in a family mini-biathlon if you plan it properly and if everyone trains for the special event. You will engage your kids in new types of physical exercises while also having the chance to spend quality time with them.

5. Calisthenics, Yoga, or Tai Chi.
Explore new avenues that include different types of exercise programs that everyone can practice indoors on rainy or snowy days. Whether your children are three or thirteen years of age, they will enjoy participating in various types of indoor exercises that provide family fitness benefits.

  • On rainy days, you can always exercise as a family by practicing stretch exercises, easy push-ups, simple sit-ups and leg lifts; these exercises will help your family to continue an established exercise program. Yoga or T’ai Chi exercises enable everyone to learn new forms of exercise that provide beneficial health effects, yet these types of exercises are not noisy or too wild for indoors.
  • Place yoga mats on your floor so that your body feels the softness of the mat instead of the hard surface of your floor. If you exercise at home with your family, you will have the opportunity to spend more valuable time talking with your children.

6. DVDs featuring dance lessons.
Your children will have a lot of fun and healthy exercise if you dance with them. When you think about it, doesn’t every person in the world enjoy dancing?

  • You can find hundreds, if not thousands, of dance DVDs in a local store or online. Whether your family fitness plan includes dancing to ’70s disco music, learning how to do fast-moving Latin dances or practicing hip-hop movements, you can discover a few DVDs that everyone will enjoy.

Your children will want to participate in an exercise routine if you set an example for them that exercise is an enjoyable activity. When you teach your kids about fitness and the benefits of being in good shape, they can carry the lessons throughout their lives.


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