Expecting Respect from Others


Not enough emphasis is placed on respect nowadays. Respect often seems to be taken for granted or glossed over as anything of importance in our society, with the casts of “Jersey Shore” and “The Bad Girls’ Club” apparently serving as role models even for professionals.

On the other hand, it is definitely possible to make your co-workers and superiors respect you. Your actions will affect the outcome.

Adopt these suggestions to attract and earn the respect you have the right to:

1. Comport yourself in a respectable way.
Behave and speak in an adult fashion at all times. Approach every situation with tact, and be aware of your behavior.

  • Walk around proud of yourself. Conduct yourself as if your parents were watching and you wanted to make them proud. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your kids caught doing.
  • When people hold you in high regard, they’ll give you respect. If you find you have to actually ask for respect from people, either you are asking someone who is disrespectful of others by nature, or you are acting in a manner that does not engender respect.

2. Live your life by the golden rule.
People will generally accord you the sort of respect you show to them. Know that you have to respect everybody else’s boundaries, too. If you consciously step over them, you’re going to be in hot water.

  • Act with kindness toward somebody who mistreats you. Be the mature one and leave. This will increase the respect other people have for you.

3. Remove negative influences from your life.
Be aware that there are individuals who either have no proper concept of morality or believe it doesn’t apply to them. They give no thought to anyone’s feelings or needs and just speak or act as they please.

  • This type of person should no longer have a place in your life. Make yourself number one. You will be virtually certain to be badly treated if you project an air of acceptance of such behavior.

4. Carry yourself with decorum.
When a situation gets sticky, stay ahead of it. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, and you get more of what you want by speaking calmly than by ranting. You should never say anything bad about your friends or colleagues. People will feel you are above gossiping, which will make them respect and trust you more.

  • Watch what you do and say. Such considered behavior will subtly let others know that you are deserving of the respect you’re seeking.

5. Stay real.
It’s fruitless to expect to be treated in precisely the same way as people treat senior members of your firm. Clearly, some individuals are your superiors in one way or another, whether by age or position. It’s important to show these people the respect that they deserve.

  • Both corporate and social structures have ranking hierarchies that are governed by unspoken rules. As you age, you deserve even more respect from people. You’ll get more respect if you have a higher position in the company. Just keep in mind that you’ll get there some day.

6. Accumulate more achievements.
A higher title, an advanced degree, or the recognition of an award will cause others to respect you more. When you reach great achievements, you will be respected and admired.

  • Explore opportunities to further your education. It will not only raise your feelings of self-esteem but could also serve as a boost to your income as well as broaden your chances for career advancement. Others will no doubt respect the work you are doing to improve your life.

Keep in mind that being honest and trustworthy is the best route to being universally respected. People will notice and admire you more if they see you set high standards for yourself in both your speech and deeds.


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