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As a woman with the incredible ability to help people solve problems, Esther Austin teaches us that regardless of what life hands you, the decision to overcome it lie within you.

It is ultimately our decision to find the strength, faith and courage to rise above what we may often think are insurmountable situations.

As the entrepreneur behind the Esther Austin Global brand, she is transforming lives, helping them change negative behaviors and conflicting thought patterns to reveal new exciting futures and much happier lives.

She uses the tough life experiences and the incredible challenges she faced and overcame as tools to empower individuals to eliminate pessimistic attitudes and develop a mindset of abundance. She is encouraging others to challenge themselves, to use their inner-strength to rebuild lives of confidence.

Through genuine love and her positive outlook on life, Austin is able to relate to people from all backgrounds and has developed programs that allow her to help others eliminate pain and destructive behaviors and experience inner healing and visions of hope and prosperity.

Based in the United Kingdom, Austin is a personal transformation powerhouse whose mission is to serve, inspire and empower the global community. **Photo, courtesy of Hartwood Photograph

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