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Ernie Hudson

The one and only Ernie Hudson — this gentle giant has consistently made his mark on the world of acting.

He’s not only a gentle giant on screen who likes taking on good guy and heroic roles but off screen he is a person who truly cares about others.

Most noted for his roles in feature films such as Ghostbusters and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, he’s full of surprises and his acting abilities have drawn support from audiences of varied backgrounds.

Hudson’s ability to take on diverse roles has enabled him to stand out among actors with such talents. His versatile style has garnered him success in roles as varied as the talent he possesses. With over 150 film, television and stage credits, Hudson has proven that in a field as challenging as show business, longevity is possible. He has proven that persistence is the key to achieving success.

One would never have guessed that acting was not his first love. “Being an actor never occurred to me. I got married very young and we started a family. I had no clear plans or clear idea of what my life would be,” says Hudson.

Unfortunately, Hudson did not have the privilege and joy of knowing his father. He was raised by his grandmother. He took to heart many of the lessons, unforgettable stories and the philosophies that he learned from her and used them as a guide to chart his life’s course.

Growing up without a father did not deter this humble young man from becoming a great actor. Through trial and error, Hudson has learned lessons of truth, patience, integrity and compassion.

In addition to acting, Hudson is also passionate about helping others. He is committed to mentoring Black men and counseling them on the importance of fatherhood. “I am passionate about helping men redefine their role as fathers, leaders and taking their position in the community, as well as in their homes,” says Hudson. “I don’t have all the answers but I want to do my part by sharing my personal story, thereby giving them inspiration to re-evaluate their lives.”

Over the years, Hudson has raised funds and supported charitable organizations and groups like Women of Destiny, which provides needed services to battered women and children and Union Rescue Mission, the largest mission for the homeless in the United States.

You don’t have to have a passion for acting to learn great life experiences from Hudson. His success as an actor and his approach to life serve as examples.

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