Encourage Your Children To Become Successful Entrepreneurs


In reality, just about everyone wants to be a successful entrepreneur! However, giving up your weekly salary to pursue your true passion in life requires tons of self-confidence. Not everyone has this kind of self-assurance. For this reason, we may spend quite a bit of our lives working on building wealth for someone else.

Having that confidence instilled at an early age may very well lead to having the courage to open a business later. Encourage your children to be entrepreneurs when they are young, and you are giving them the opportunity to take charge of their lives.

When you encourage entrepreneurship in your kids, you are teaching them: – Self-sufficiency; Effective leadership; Decisiveness; Self-confidence. You can’t just tell the child to earn lots of money; instead you need to tell them to move through life to the beat of their own drummer. We see more and more wealthy teens these days because parents have increasingly learned how to inject their children with a sense of self-confidence.

When you encourage your children to be successful entrepreneurs, you may find that one day you will sheepishly introduce your 15-year-old as having a greater gross annual income than yourself.

The Interesting Tale Of Ashley Qualls

The website known as whateverlife.com was started by Ashley Qualls. She began it when she was only 15 years old. This is a website that provides templates for MySpace. Shortly after starting out, the website sky-rocketed. Moreover, she found herself turning down investor offers to buy her out. In only four years, Ashley had a growing net worth of $4 million.

It only took $15 of startup cash to register her website. Following that, the cost was no more than $10 a month to host the website.

How To Raise A Young Entrepreneur

You don’t have to have a lot of money to teach your children how to be good entrepreneurs. The truth is, being self-sufficient is the foundation of being an entrepreneur. For this reason, children can use their own efforts to generate the money needed to start a business.

Once your children become old enough, they can do chores around the house for an allowance or even get an after-school job. It’s possible to finance a lot of start-up concepts for under a hundred bucks.

If your child invests his or her own effort, time and money into starting a business, he or she is far more likely to follow through and find success.

At every step of the process, they will learn how to adjust their businesses to make them more profitable. It’s important that your child learn that failure is part of the learning experience and not an indication of total collapse. Once this lesson is internalized, your child will begin to flourish as an entrepreneur.

Encourage Being an Entrepreneur by having them Learn

All ideas can lead to valid businesses — It’s okay to fail but pick yourself up — You need to keep learning and revising to keep your business profitable — Be creative — Be innovative and differentiate yourself from the competition.

There are some businesses that will be very profitable, indeed. Others may only end up producing a few dollars. It is very important that you teach your children how to get up from setbacks and keep going as they keep moving forward to attain their goals.

If your child has a business idea that succeeds, be sure to encourage him or her to continue to seek higher and higher levels of success. As you move forward, be sure to continue promoting independent thinking, self-sufficiency and confidence in your children. The world is their oyster if they possess this trio of character traits.


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