Taking Canine Fashions to a New Level

Elena Volnova Domenico Ponti

Domenico Ponti and
Elena Volnova

Let’s face it, the four-legged pooch has become a part of the family in millions of homes across the country and the world. In the eyes of many dog owners their furry friends deserve the highest level of pampering.

Dog Fashion Spa, a New York based startup, is poised to take the pet industry by storm. They have developed a signature collection of spa products that dog-lovers have been awaiting, including fragrances and products for fur and paw care, as well as exquisite gift sets for dogs.

After investing about two years of research and development into their line of products, these two enthusiastic owners have not only unleashed a set of unique products, but they are creating an amazing online community of dog owners who believe in providing quality of life for their pets.

As the ingenuity behind Dog Fashion Spa, co-owners Elena Volnova and Domenico Ponti have established their unique set of footprints with their luxury line of pooch products.

The founder of Exceptional People Magazine was thrilled to speak with Volnova and Ponti about their new venture and how they’re developing the company to become a leader in the industry of luxury pet product suppliers. Their goal is to not only build a line of great products, but it’s also about developing a solid company with high growth potential.

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