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You may be familiar with the saying that your body is similar to a temple or sanctuary. Clearly, you only have one body, so you need to make an effort to treat your body with the utmost respect. Keeping your weight on check is one method for achieving this.

Standard advice from fitness specialists is to put a limit on your daily calories to achieve a healthy weight. For this reason, the more calories you can “spend” throughout your day, the better. If regular gym visits don’t fit into your schedule, there are plenty of other easy ways to burn calories that you can try. Prior to starting any type of exercise program or change in your diet, talk to a doctor about your plans.

1. Stand up.

If you have a sedentary job or you are a couch potato at home, try to get up on your feet now and then as the day passes.

  • When you are at work, find chores that allow you to be on your feet.
  • You will find that you can stand up and walk around at your desk a little bit while you read a document, look for papers in the file cabinet, view different documents, or write memos. You can try standing up at work once in a while while using your computer or speaking on the telephone.
  • Try this at home: if you have a high counter or bar and you work on a laptop computer, try putting your laptop there and standing while you put in your computer time.
  • Whatever amount of time you can stand at the computer – even if it’s only in quarter-hour stretches – you will burn more calories than if you were sitting.

2. Pace back and forth.

You can burn calories by merely walking around instead of sitting down. Try to work out ways by which you can walk more during your day.

  • For instance, imagine that you are a self-employed writer who works at home and that you are often sitting at a desk using your computer. Still, you probably talk on your mobile phone a few times during the day. Never sit down to take a phone call.
  • Consider this: if you get or make six telephone calls throughout the day and each of them is ten minutes long, and you walk while you talk, by evening you will have spent an hour walking.
  • Even though you may not be jogging, you are still standing up and walking for one hour, which helps you to burn calories and stay fit.

3. Use the stairway.

If a building with stairs is part of your daily routine at home or at work, skip the elevator to burn calories.

4. Do not park close to your destination.

If you drive to work or to the store, park far from the entrance – at the other end of the parking lot, for instance.

  • It is easy to walk for a few more minutes every day if you follow this helpful tip every time you park your vehicle.
  • Short 5-minute round trip hikes from your car to the supermarket and pharmacy increase opportunities to do more walking. A lot of calories are done away with when all those 5-minute walks are added together.

5. Use a device that records steps.

Another way to keep motivated and in motion is to count your daily steps with a pedometer.

  • If you want to receive instant gratification for your efforts to burn calories, wear a pedometer.
  • A minimum of 10,000 steps a day is advised nowadays by the fitness gurus.
  • Your pedometer will motivate you to keep walking every day.

6. Workout with fitness DVDs indoor.

Look for fun exercise DVDs because if you buy boring DVDs, you may not ever start an exercise program at home.

  • If a trip to the gym takes too big a bite out of your schedule, burn up calories doing a fitness routine from a DVD at home. There are plenty of exercise videos that either are less than 30 minutes long, or have a shorter version.
  • Take stock of the exercise DVDs available in your neighborhood library. Most libraries offer DVDs to borrow at no cost, which gives you a chance to try out different ones to see what kind of exercise videos you like best. Buy the ones you enjoy the most so you can work out to them every day.
  • Or you can borrow some from the library and keep going through them. It will help you retain the element of interest in your daily schedule.

The secret to a living a full life is taking care of your body. Allow your body to respond to these simple methods above. You are the only person who has the ability to take charge of your lifestyle and provide your body with optimum health.


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