Easy Ways to Avoid Interest and Prevent Endless Debt


You want to avoid paying interest because interest steals a good percentage of money you can use for other purposes! It is quite simple to land in constant debt due to the interest applied by your financial institutions and other organizations.

It’s quite easy to avoid interest in the majority of cases, as it is basically dependent upon your final decisions and how fast you make them.

Give these tips a try in order to avoid interest in some everyday scenarios:

  1. Make car loan payments on time.
    If you bought a car via the assistance of a traditional automobile loan, you most likely get late fees if you don’t make your payments on time. These fees are often tacked on to your remaining balance and jack up your monthly payments. If you want to avoid higher payments, always make sure that you pay your car loan payments when they are due.

    • This rule also applies to any type of loan, whether it is a house mortgage or using a credit card.
    • Banks and businesses will always impose fees and charges to accounts that get behind, and you don’t want to waste your money this way.
  2. Don’t go over your credit card’s limit.
    If you do not know the right way to manage your credit card, the card can cause harm to your financial situation and your credit history.

    • It gets even more damaging if you exceed your credit limit.
    • The over-limit charges imposed by financial institutions are excessive and can dig you way deeper into debt. No matter what, avoid those expenses if you wish to remain debt free.
  3. Think about an automatic deduction plan.
    If you are like the average individual who prefers to make payments according to his or her own schedule, you are probably against the idea of setting up your checking account to make automatic payments.

    On the other hand, automatic deductions have their advantages:

    • No more fees from missing or being late making your payments.
    • If you sign up to use your bank’s automatic payment feature, the full amount that is due is taken out of your checking account and applied toward your credit card payment on the due date. You never need to worry about missing a credit card payment or incurring other fees, provided that you always keep enough money in your account for the purpose of making automatic payments.
  4. Use cash whenever you can instead of credit.
    If you want to avoid paying interest on your credit card, pay the full amount that is due on or prior to the payment date. You can’t make it easier than this! If it is at all possible for you to pay for your purchase using cash, then do so. This keeps you from having to pay interest on a purchase made using credit.

What to Do when You’re Finally Debt Free

One more tip you may wish to follow once you reach this point is to continue on the same debt-free path in the future. It needs to be given some thought, but you can certainly attain it.

The following tips can assist you in paying less money for interest while preventing a situation that causes you to experience chronic debt:

  • Only use two credit cards, and return the rest of your cards to the issuing companies. If you buy a few purchases using a couple of credit cards, you will have the ability to create a good credit score that will come in handy if you ever need to borrow money.
  • Make use of your cards every now and then, but make sure to have the money available to pay off the total accumulated amount charges before the first payment is even due.
  • Make it a practice to settle all of your debts in a timely manner.
  • Build your savings so you can take care of emergencies.

Sticking to these simple tips will make it easier to keep out of debt and interest and keep control over any debt that you happen get into.

So, now you understand that if you follow these simple tips, you will have the ability to avoid paying high interest payments for the items you buy with your credit card. By making use of these tips, you will greatly lower the chance of being exposed to the overwhelming burdens brought on by debt.


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