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Dr. Randal Pinkett

As an entrepreneur, speaker, author and community servant, Dr. Randal Pinkett’s brilliances shine through in everything he does.

When one hears the word “brilliant”, one may immediately think of other words such as bright, intelligent, genius, or something that reflects light, or someone or something that shines. Dr. Pinkett clearly fits each definition.

If you want an example of a true role model, one who sees his goal and aims for it unswervingly, that is Randal Pinkett.

As an individual and as the CEO of BCT Partners, he is a brilliant thinker and action-taker, a leader and one who creates paths for others to follow. Pinkett understands the important of using your God-given talents to bring about change in your personal life, as well as the lives of others.

At the foundation of his well-deserved success is his faith, hard work and smart business acumen which has guided him on his journey to become one of Black America’s top geniuses in the business industry.

Pinkett’s desire to become an entrepreneur was inspired by his friend Wayne, while he was attending college. “During his senior year, Wayne started his own business selling T-shirts. “When I saw Wayne running his own business, it was then that I reflected on my life growing up and thought, “If I had been always doing things in business, why can’t I own a business too? From that point forward, I was on a completely different trajectory. I started my compact disc company,” says Pinkett.

Pinkett says, “I believe I’ve been called to be a business owner since I was a child.” After all as child, he sold lemonade and candy, so it was only natural for him to follow a path in business.

He has implemented several successful businesses, each aimed at achieving what he calls the “double-bottom-line” – financial returns and social returns. Each of them has had a long term impact on the communities he served, while allowing him to reach a tremendous level of success as an entrepreneur.

It is not enough to be successful; you must use your success in a way that serves others. In many of his business ventures Pinkett has shared his rare talents and abilities in underserved communities by uplifting citizens and providing them with tools and resources to enable them to become more productive.

Dr. Pinkett candidly shared his thoughts on faith, community service, business and much more with Monica, the founder of Exceptional People Magazine.

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