An Entrepreneurial Pioneer Empowers Others to Achieve Inner Peace and Balance


Dr. Linda Mackenzie

An entrepreneurial ground-breaker, Linda Mackenzie is the multi-hyphenate par excellence! With a background as a telecommunications engineer who designed systems for a global airline and Fortune 1000 companies, Mackenzie represents a cornerstone of the groundbreaking entrepreneurial mindset. Among the ventures she has launched include a datacom consulting firm, one of the first stores selling used PCs, and a company that manufactured wholesale gifts, as well as serving as the former President of a corporation that made mind-body supplements. She is one of the few women who broke barriers by excelling in male-dominated industries.

In 1987, Mackenzie was diagnosed with Epstein Barr/Chronic Fatigue. As she visited various physicians to be tested in search of a diagnosis, she felt as if her life was going nowhere. Taking a positive attitude toward lifestyle and health issues, she chose to use complementary medical approaches such as hypnotherapy, diet, and visualization to heal herself. As a result of her success, she changed her career so she could serve others by becoming a doctoral candidate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a radio host while winning awards as a national speaker and author.

These days Dr. MacKenzie considers one of her best achievements so far as the founder of the positive web talk radio network that began in October 2002, and President of Creative Health and Spirit, which is a media and publishing company based in Manhattan, founded in 1995.

As a former show host on the Wisdom, PAX, CRN and KPSL networks, her positive talk radio show had a reach of over 41 FM channels, 11 cable TV channels, Internet and satellite channels, reaching over 241 markets.

She continues to serve as producer and host of the Linda MacKenzie Show, hosted on which features leading edge guests who speak on health and life issues.


Monica Davis

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Monica Davis has been in the business of influencing people to change their lives and helping them to develop their professional and business objectives for over 20 years. Monica Davis is a bestselling business author, speaker, trainer, media coach, award-winning television host and producer, and the publisher of Exceptional People Magazine.

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