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Dr. Joel Martin

As one of America’s first women to own and operate a full-service advertising agency, Dr. Joel Martin helped set the stage for other women who followed in that industry.

After more than 15 years as an ad agency owner, Dr. Martin combined her creative genius with other unique transformational programs and began sharing her knowledge on the world’s stage.

She speaks to audiences around the world on such topics as how to develop diverse and inclusive cultures, how to be a transformative leader, and how to be a positively powerful person. Her audiences have included people representing American Express, Ohio State University, Boeing, the National Geographic Society and 3M.

As the President of Triad West Inc., she is a creative powerhouse who knows how to reach individuals at their core and inspire them to transform their lives from the inside out.

“I discovered that I enjoyed and loved being a catalyst to people’s shifts and changes, and transformations. Transformation is making a mind shift, reinventing how you come across to people and having a whole new set of possibilities. It’s bigger than just identifying limiting beliefs,” says Dr. Martin.

Dr. Martin has delivered powerful and impactful presentations in China, Russia, the Republic of South Africa, Norway, Malaysia, and many other countries, proving that she has the ability to affect change in people of all backgrounds. As a Diversity and Inclusion Expert, she has enabled major corporations to realize diversity from a different perspective and experience the continuing benefits of incorporating a diverse culture within their organizations.

Among other accomplishments Dr. Martin also serves as a commissioner on the Human Relations Commission in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona, and she serves as a board member of American Baptist Homes of the West (ABHOW).

She is the author of How to Be a Positively Powerful Person! and Get the “Me” Brand Awareness the Positively Powerful Way. She also produces the annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards program, which recognizes women for their leadership roles and positive impact on humanity.

Dr. Martin shared with Monica, the founder of Exceptional People Magazine, her enthusiasm for positively impacting and transforming the lives of individuals and businesses.

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