A Fusion of Humanity and Technology

Dr. James ONeil and Richard Tirendi

Dr. James W. O’Neil and
Richard S. Tirendi

The intersection of technology and humanity is where groundbreaking innovation often occurs.

Meet Dr. James W. O’Neil, M.D. and
Richard S. Tirendi
, a couple of brilliant gentleman whose chance meeting 10 years ago has turned into an amazing partnership that is having an unbelievable effect on humanity.

A pediatric ophthalmologist and the President and co-founder of VisionQuest 20/20, Dr. O’Neil’s list of accomplishments is a testament to his dedication to serving humanity. He has committed his life to protecting children and their families from the devastating consequences of undetected vision disorders.

As a visionary for optimal eye care in children, he has certainly made his mark in Arizona and will eventually extend his work globally.

His extraordinary list of accomplishments includes instituting the first telemedicine program for remote nursery retinopathy of prematurity screens. He was the first pediatric ophthalmologist in greater metropolitan Phoenix to perform cataract surgery with intraocular lens implantation in children.

He’s been named on the list of Best Doctors in America, by Woodward and White, Inc. every year since 1995, and has also been recognized as one of America’s Top Ophthalmologists since 2002.

Dr. O’Neil is also the co-founder of EyeSpy 20/20, a new technology he co-founded with his partner Richard Tirendi. Together they have developed next generation technology that is on the verge of replacing the 150 year method of vision testing.

EyeSpy 20/20 is an automated computer program that assesses vision while a child plays a video game. The games tests for amblyopia, strabismus, cataracts and other vision problems. Automated testing is incorporated into the technology which allows screening to be performed by lay volunteers and eliminates the need for training and certification of vision-screen proctors.

Richard Tirendi is the CEO and co-founder of VisionQuest 20/20. He is also an electrical and computer engineer and technology whiz who early on in his career enjoyed working in the semiconductor industry at IBM. He developed proprietary software systems that optimized various sensitive processes in the manufacturing of computer chips. After 14 years of working in the industry, Tirendi changed directions and formed a successful technology company with several engineers and subsequently sold the company.

Tirendi states, “When the year 2000 came around, I was pretty much burnt out from the semiconductor industry and was basically trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. That’s when I met James, and I realized that the experience that I had garnered in the semiconductor industry could be applied to helping to protect children’s vision.”

Ten years ago when Dr. O’Neil began sharing his experiences of helping children with vision problems, it ignited a special passion within Tirendi because he remembered his own devastating childhood experience.

When he was four and-a- half years old, he experienced total blindness for about two weeks due to a poisonous insect bite. While the condition was treatable and his vision was restored, he never forgot the fear he experienced.

“It was absolutely terrifying, and it left a mark on me so to speak, but I never talked about it. I never really understood what its purpose was in my life,” says Tirendi.

Who would have thought when their paths crossed, that an innovative explosion was waiting to happen?

What followed was an incredible series of conversations between two brilliant men whose desire to change the lives of children and families across the country has become a reality after ten long years of research, development and testing. Together they have become a powerful duo in the fight against childhood vision problems.

The “eyes” have it.

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