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You can discover your own power by knowing your own intentions! We are all just trying to make it through in life; however, it can be interesting to ponder our level of consciousness regarding our actions and the direction we are taking. Pondering your next step will assist you in planning for and achieving the goals you’ve set.

You’re more apt to do a particular thing when it is your intention to do it.

Are you actually aware of your own intentions?

Here’s why you should decide on yours right now: 1. Intentions have power. Once you set an intention, you start to establish a schedule and circumstances that make this happen. Essentially, knowing your intentions makes you powerful in ways you can’t be when using any other strategy.

2. Intentions ensure that your plans stay front and center in your consciousness. You get a reminder of what your goal is whenever you find yourself pondering your intention. If you want to lose weight, for instance, you will find yourself considering what needs to be done to accomplish this goal, including food and exercise.

  • An intention sets you on the journey toward excellence since it will be constantly on your mind.

3. There are intentions for the short term and for the long range. An intention that’s short term could involve achieving some small thing at work each day.

  • An intention for the long term could involve earning a promotion because of your high quality work.
  • Make sure both intention levels are present so you keep moving in a good direction.

4. You are in the driver’s seat. Regarding intentions, it’s your job to figure out what you desire in life and what will be done to attain this. One benefit of an intention is making a conscious choice to do a particular thing. The goal might be reached right then or next week or next month or later in life.

  • An intention is paradoxically fascinating since you decide on the intentions but the intentions have a way of deciding your actions. In the end, intentions are the key to your success.

5. Intentions provide you with a sense of self-assurance. Once you make an intention, optimism prevails since you understand in your soul that you will achieve it. That means you get to be very confident as you search for success. You’ve got something planned out, and you’re set to make things happen.

  • Your intentions come with the self-confidence needed to energize your actions so that you live out your dream.

6. You might be seen as an example to others. We all want somebody to admire, to get advice from, and to act as a role model. Your intentions speak for you and ensure you are someone others admire.

  • If you are a role model, you will be more likely to do your best and be consistent in setting up powerful intentions throughout your life so that you can attain your hopes and dreams. It’s a win-win situation for everyone as long as you’re aware of your intentions.
  • Intentions allow you to control your own fate.

You can live the life you desire once you understand your purpose. Intentions set strong guidelines, increase self-confidence, and energize the desire to be the best you can be daily!


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