Determination and Faith – A Winning Combination


Sir Winston Spencer Churchill, when asked to address the graduates of England’s Oxford University approached the podium, looked straight at the audience and shouted, “Never, never, never give up!” Pausing, he repeated with even greater emphasis, “Never, never, never give up!” And then he sat down, having delivered certainly the shortest major speech in history.

Twenty-five years ago there was a young boy who loved to play baseball. He was very small for his age and was told early on that he would never be able to play competitive sports because of his size. But the lad, coming from a single-parent home, persisted – he joined community youth leagues, and every school team he could. In high school, in his sophomore year, he tried out for the varsity baseball team and was cut. He was even told by a family member that he could never play baseball. “You are too small,” he was advised.

However, the young man persisted and remained positive. He practiced every day—winter and summer—his hands would bleed and were full of calluses – his family room had holes from the baseball in the ceiling and the walls, as he would practice inside the house in the winter. He lifted weights, exercised, ran with weights and studied books on baseball.

In his junior year, he tried out again and this time he made it!

In college, he struggled playing with the varsity team through freshman and sophomore years, but he stayed with it. He practiced regularly, while keeping a positive attitude.

And guess what?  In his junior year, he won an award as the Most Improved Athlete. And in his senior year, he was named captain of the baseball team, was voted Most Valuable Player, won the college’s Scholar-Athlete Award, and was named first team Academic All-American…all this at a Division One college. He persevered and triumphed!

This persistent, determined, fine young man went on to play semi-pro, then attended Harvard Medical School and today is a doctor at one of America’s finest hospitals.

There is a special characteristic in a person who demonstrates the ‘keep hold of’ type of pure faith. They believe in what they want to do and refuse to contemplate the idea of conceding.
Determination, faith andperseverance are words for anyone who wants success, whether it is in our personal life, home life or business. It is always too soon to quit!

Each day is a new beginning, a fresh, clean start, an opportunity to fulfill bright hopes and to achieve special dreams.With enthusiasm,let’s discover our true potential.

God placed within us a great ability for achievement. He made each person to accomplish incredible things. We are all gifted for something, so we must have confidence in ourselves.

Let’s close our eyes and picture a place we are longing to be, a dream that we may have discarded. We are never too young or too old to create a new occupation or endeavor. The potential for growth is limitless at any age. Do not underestimate your God-given talents, we are each so valuable. God placed within us gifts that can be used to bless the world.

We all encounter difficulties, but as we continue to move forward, we discover that these very obstacles shape our character. Be persistent when confronting life’s challenges, silence the negative influences. Do not yield to defeat too quickly. When faced with a closed door, try other entrances. If that approach doesn’t work, keep trying until you find one that does. Let’s view obstacles as learning experiences for it’s true that success is not measured by the position that one has reached in life, but rather by the obstacles that one has conquered.

Remember, “An ant moves a hill one grain of sand at a time.” And in the end, the ant moved the entire mountain. Take a step in faith. We don’t have to climb the whole staircase now, just take the first step to attain your heart’s desire.

I once saw a sign that read, “Only as far as you seek can you go, only as far as you dream can you be.” And I always tried to live that.

So let’s get a hold of our dreams and never, never, never give up…our possibilities are as limitless as the magnificence of creation extended out before us.



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