Reader Questions and Solutions

Reader Question:

“Hi Derek, I recently watched you on the news this past weekend and was immediately interested in your book. Do you do speaking engagements? What is the best way or protocol to secure you to do an engagement? Do you offer any coaching certifications? I would love more information on this. Thank you kindly.”
Carolyne Alanie

Derrick Miles

Managing Partner and Head of
Corporate Affairs, Milestone Motivation

Derrick Miles Says:

Hi Carolyne,

Thank you for your inquiry through Exceptional People Magazine!

Speaking words of Encouragement is my passion and I am always honored to speak into the lives of others. Typically the best way to secure me is through our website contact us page ( I always offer 10% off my speaking fee or I’ll make a 10% contribution to a local non-profit in the name of the host organization. My way of showing appreciation and using my Gift of Giving.

We currently have two products to encourage people to utilize their Gifts:

Marketplace: Superhuman Performance: Utilizing Your Gifts to Perform at Extraordinary Levels Faith Based: Make Room In Your Life…Now!

Our Marketplace product has built-in coaches on CD’s/MP3 to help employees and leaders learn how to use specific Gifts to achieve Superhuman Performance (e.g. Sales, Leadership, Administration, Writing, Faith, etc.) Our Faith-Based product does have a study program for an individual to become a coach! We require those individuals to graduate from our 10-week study program (accelerated program is 5-weeks). I have enclosed a JPEG image of the workbook in this email. We can also discuss this topic when you call our company line.

Thanks again for your inquiry. Live Exceptionally!

Superhumanly yours,
Derrick Miles
“The Encourager”